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Found 20 results

  1. I just finished this up today! This is a pretty good kit. The fitment was nice until the final joining of the body and the 'guts'..... I didn't do a WIP on this one, as it was just a pretty straight-forward build. I did lower it, and used the custom wheels from the '62 T bird. Maybe in a bit I can get some outside pics.... Thanks for looking and feel free to comment.
  2. Got this one wrapped up today, Fellas! It's the full bumper Camaro kit from AMT. I've dubbed it "Camar'Oh!"........ It's pretty much box stock minus the stance, wheels, and rag top roof. I added heater hoses and battery cables under the hood, and a chain link steering wheel. The kit was a darling to build, only final fitment gave me any problems. I did a WIP of most of it. Thanks to those that followed it... So, that's it for this one! Please feel free to comment.....
  3. I'm pretty much done with this one, guys! There's some details left to fix under the hood, and I had fish eyes in the headrest so they will be added later. Also I need to find some better wipers, the ones in the kit are not the greatest. Those who have built this kit know of the fitment issues.... seems every part needs to be worked to fit. Thanks to those who followed the WIP..... Please feel free to comment!
  4. I worked pretty steady on this the past couple of days and managed to finish up with it..... This is a nice kit, although a bit fiddly in places. I painted the body with DupliColor bronze wheel coating and cleared it with their 1K clear. I wanted a kinda neo-traditional hot rod, so I chose colors that I thought would bring it up to current times and trends..... There's a WIP in the proper section, thank you to those that followed the build up..... Anyways, that's it for this one! Thanks for looking and comment freely......
  5. Here it is Guys, my mild custom '57 Thunderbird from the AMT kit. We really need a modern tool of this subject. The frame for the front glass wasn't anywhere near fitting to the glass, so I just left the windshield "speedster" style. Thanks to those that followed the short WIP I did on this, and feel free to comment!
  6. Finished up the 959 today! Pretty good kit overall..... the only thing that disappoints me with this build is the rear wheels are a little too far forward in the wells. My fault entirely, and I can live with it....... Paint is DupliColor's Toreador Red and Perfect Match clear over Rustoleum primer. I have a WIP thread for those interested. Thanks to those that followed the build and feel free to comment!
  7. I started this wanting to build a custom, but with the stance and wheels, it ended up being more of a Hot Rod......... This isn't the best kit, the lower rocker on the passenger side is mis-formed, along with all the other problems that old molds have. Any way, it's done! Thanks to those that followed the WIP, and fell free to comment good or bad.......
  8. Got this one finished up, Guys! It's Revell's excellent kit of the Viper GTS....... I wanted mine to be a bit different than the blue and white box art. The only issue I had building it was with the side mirror placement. Next one, I'll put the mirrors on before any painting is done....... There's a WIP thread for those interested. Thanks for looking, and please comment freely!
  9. Here's the Thunderbird all done! I had a heck of a time with the headlights, the only part that gave me any trouble. This is a really good kit...... Thanks for looking folks! and please feel free to comment.......
  10. Hey, guys! This is my second attempt at a ship. The first was the USS Constitution, which I didn't do too well on..... I used what I learned from that one on this, the Lindberg "Captain Kidd" ship. I can always come back to it to do the rigging if I feel to in the future......... I shelved this a few times because I ran into some problems with it..... Thanks to those who followed it's WIP thread, and comment freely!
  11. I built this for a friend who had one back in the day....... She was very pleased and said it looked just like her car.... There's a WIP for those interested. Thanks! and comment freely..........
  12. Finally done with this one..... There's a WIP thread for those interested. Thank You to all who viewed this one's progress, Thanks for looking and feel free to comment!
  13. Not 100% complete (tail lights and front bumperettes still needed) but I caught the weather just right to take some outside shots..... There is a build thread for those interested....... I want to thank Bill, Paul, and Carl for helping with this one....... Please feel free to comment, Thanks!
  14. Finally finished this up today! I call it "The Scarlet Harlot"..... Pretty much everything but the body parts is from the custom coupe. There's a WIP in the proper section for those interested. Thanks for looking, and all comments are welcome........
  15. I took all the guts from the '71 Charger and bashed it with a '73/4 MPC Charger to come up with this. Added the vinyl top and rocker trim.... Hope you Guys like it, any and all comments are welcome!!
  16. Here's my Lindberg '37 finished...... It's a nice kit, I enjoyed it very much...... I buggered the back glass with glue so I'll display it as a roadster for now. Thanks..........
  17. This was my first lowrider build..... Primer paint and clear are all Dupli-Color. I had a lot of fun with this build, it's one of my favorite kits........ Thanks for looking! and comment freely..................
  18. Finally done with this one! The kit itself was a joy, until it came time to fit the separate front end. Probably not perfect, but I think it turned out okay............ Thanks for looking and feel free to comment, good or bad......!
  19. Finally finished this one........ Nice kit, but I probably didn't do it justice.. The front bumper has been fixed, didn't notice it sagging until I took the pics....... Hope you enjoy! and feel free to comment.........
  20. Calling this one finished! Just a few custom touches, wheels and tires from a Corvette, Skirts, Impala steering wheel, everything else comes in the kit........ This is one of my favorite kits and subjects..... Any and all comments welcome........!
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