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Found 16 results

  1. Hi all, I am making my first attempt at sharing pics of one of my builds. It was done quite awhile ago. I hope you guys like it.
  2. Hi Guys & Gals, last week I shared some pics of a couple of rigs my grandad built for my uncle in the Seventies. My uncle has given them to me, and I’m trying to restore the ‘Movin’ On’ Kenny to give back to him. As you may have seen, paint was limited to the cab & hood and the rest had been pretty haphazardly ‘assembled’. Well I started the process this weekend, degreaser bath, disassembly and a little re-assembly. It would of course be easier to buy a Round 2 reissue, but it’s been around for so long, I want to try and save it. Thanks for the advice & tips in advance!
  3. Movin On Kenworth Hello dear colleagues ! Today I want to introduce my version of the Movin On Truck. In the 1970s, the US series "Movin On" was on television, and the series was about a trucker who had some adventures with his truck on the road, starring Tom Atkins. I painted my Kenworth Colobrigreen Metallic, then applied the decals and sealed with acrylic gloss clearcoat. I have also made a few modifications. At the front of the bumper the towing eye was equipped with the bolt, the mudguards are with mudflaps from a piece of bicycle hose, on the right side of the frame I have a small storage box with kick attached, as well as a handle on the sleeping cabin. On the frame at the holder of the leads for the Trailor are a few Riffelsteel. I hope you like it and I look forward to your comments. Greetings from Jan
  4. Not mine, pics from collected eBay listings, but would be great to hear this survives and can/will be reissued.
  5. Not sure if this has been already posted, but just saw this: Revell Kenworth K-100 Aerodyne - due in 2017 http://www.rocketfin.com/heavy_truck_models.cfm
  6. I was just wondering if it would build into a decent truck being a snap kit!
  7. I am starting another one. It has been a while since my 1/16th scale Kenworth W900 (seen here) Anyways it is time to build a replica of the other truck. I am dong a video series for this as well only this time I am going to show way more of my techniques and I explain a little bit how this is going to go in this video HERE. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5x_DVDsqEo This is what I hope it will look like when it is done. (image insertion not working) http://www.thejunkmanadv.com/uploads/8/4/0/3/8403513/7576379_orig.jpg
  8. So in my never ending quest to clear up the "Shelf of Shame", I have pulled my 1975 Kenworth K100 Oneida Freight out of moth-balls & onto the work bench. Why I do this when it's cold & I cannot use spray paint, I have no idea. Anyway, this is what I am going for: I started with the AMT Kenworth K123 kit back on 24 JAN 12, and this is where I am right now. I wanted to show you exactly how it looks with the dust & broken parts & all (ok, I did remove a dead bug from being wedged between the passenger seat & the doghouse). Frame: Engine (swapping out the Cummins NTA370 for a Caterpillar 3408; larger radiator from AMT K100 Aerodyne kit): Interior: Cab (replacing the narrow grill from the kit with the grill from the AMT K100 Aerodyne): And that's where we stand. More updates soon, I hope.
  9. Hi all, This completed KW represents Will Chandler's 1970 K-123 from the "In Tandem" pilot. Not a whole lot of references/resources available since it only had a brief cameo in the beginning of the movie. The build includes 5 hole budds, modified fuel tanks (no steps / centered fill fuel cap), single exhaust, ugly roof A/C and "California Lines" decals from the Movin' On decal set. Steve
  10. This Kenny was finally finished up in Sept 2015 – features an extended chassis, Revell double sleeper, Modeltruckin' "Yosemite" decals. Paint theme completed with Dupli-color Cordova (root beer) Brown.
  11. i just found this kenworth w900 at hobby lobby last Friday, and i brought it for $3.23 that is so cheap looks complete to me but when i finished notice the have missing 3 wheels and the 2 spacer and 2 inner wheels, and the decals ( which doesn't matter if i find them), i'm not an expert making this type of trucks because is the first one, so what do you think. the questions is where i can find those wheels and it components?
  12. My last work, a K-123 from the AMT kit. The guy who ordered it to me wanted this truck, white and rusty. So I made it at my sauce This kit isn't easy to assemble, no numbers on sprues, a lot of parts don't fit well... I don't like this kit but I had pleasure to make the weathered body and the details. Well, time to show some pictures ! Photos of the interior soon ! Leave your comments
  13. So it's been awhile since I've posted anything... Here's a kenworth snapper I've been working on.. Cut the aerodyne off and put a 36" sleeper on it. Also building a custom spreadaxle fruehauf to pull behind it. The trailer has working vent doors on front and rear. Just like all the spud trailers do. It also has a custom drop ICC bumper on it. Thanks for looking!
  14. All, This is Bill Drennen. I want to post this message to everyone because I'm totally against anyone who produces unauthorized copies of my products or other’s products and tries to profit from copyright infringements. This eBay seller below has posted and sold "black resin" Kenworth W900L hoods and cab knock-offs of my copyrighted W900L on eBay without my consent. I asked him nicely to remove his auctions, but he did not. He left me no choice but to turn him in to eBay as well as filed a Copyright Infringement charge against him. I ask of you to please do not promote this sort of behavior by purchasing the counterfeit products and if you suspect someone of this behavior, please contact the modeler who produced the originals to verify first before you make your purchase. I, as well as others on this website have put long hard hours into making our products and have taken the funding cost to pay royalties and casters to produce our products in order to make them available to you legally. To have individuals such as this person taking advantage of our work for greed of profit is detestable. If you want to check his auctions out the numbers are listed below. And, if you know who he is, or who made these casting; I certianly want to know to take further action against those individuals producing counterfeits of my product. You can send me a private email anytime. Bill Drennen Bill Drennen Truck Models eBay Item numbers 281406857809 281406867113 271570768238 eBay ID badtxz
  15. Hey guys so I haven't been building much lately with work and the new house and what not its been crazy.. But for my birthday I got a kw w900a 1/16 kit. So I started building a little bit here and there at night. And I felt guilty for not posting progress. Here is where I am with her now. No stretch or anything to fancy just a nice paint job and a classic look. I'll update it again when I have more... I'm working on it. Let me know what ya think. Thanks!
  16. Hi Everyone, Last September I took a brief vacation to British Columbia and discovered some nice old trucks along the way, so took some photos / video and made up a youtube video of my finds. Mostly construction / excavation dump trucks, but also spotted an Autocar ! Haven't gotten around to building any trucks lately, but hope to get to a few this year. Hope you enjoy and maybe a little inspiration for a future build, Felix
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