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Found 30 results

  1. Well, I think it has yet to be stated if the Hurst mag wheels shown on the box top drawing will be included, but fingers crossed Round2 sees fit to tool up an all-new set for this (and other) reissues.
  2. Hi folks, I finished the Eliminator yesterday. It was a bit of a fight, especially as far as the body color is concerned. I learnt that yellow is one tough color to get a good result in. Here come the images, hope you like it:
  3. Hello N Help Some Years ago I bought the wonderful Turnpike Cruiser -57 kit from Modelhaus together with the connie kit and cruising skirts. Along with the kit came exact copies of the Turnpike Cruiser hubcaps too, which I've missplaced I own a 1/1 Turnpike Cruiser and was looking forward to building this kit as soon as my skills were up to par after a long break from building So long text short: Can someone help me with these hubcaps? Or similar ones? I would be very, Very, VERY greatful! Rocking regards Janne
  4. Here is a little project I started a couple of weeks ago. Managed to get some work done on the frame, engine, & interior. Here's a closer shot of the Mercury V-8: Here's sort of where I'm going with this: I think I'll skip the eyes, though.
  5. Missing Link trans-kit using Revell 1970 Ford Torino Built to represent stock besides tweaked suspension and copy of the Gone in 60 Seconds 67 Mustang GT500 wheels. Thanks for looking,some pictures,taked during some heavy fog.
  6. Hi Guys, I haven't put a build on here for a while so I thought I'd post some pics of a project I completed today.
  7. Whoopiekat has a decal set for the Sandy Elliot Drag Team Mercury pickup. They include Sandy Elliot, Ford,Lincoln and Mercury graphics. Also included are the hood, tailgate letters and the Mercury 100 emblems for the 1967 & 68 Mercury trucks. I believe from what another forum member told me that the hood and tailgate letters are the same from 1965-1968. The side Mercury 100 emblems on the 1965/66 are different though. So we will be able to do 65/66's when Moebius gets them to us! Dennis
  8. https://whulsey.smugmug.com/Cars/2016-10-01-Sanderson-All-Ford-Show/ Here's from last year show that I just got uploaded. At least a couple of weeks before this year's show.
  9. https://whulsey.smugmug.com/Cars/2010-10-03-Ford-Show-La-Palma/i-k4wqFR3 Better like old stock Fords and too many detail photos.
  10. I'm looking for aftermarket or kit sources for putting wide performance tires on a 49 mercury...but with a wide whitewall. It's a custom build with a turbo Porsche V-10, so I'm talking mini-tub width on the rear...but I don't want the super skinny sidewall like you'd see on most performance tires. But I also don't want the high sidewall look like stock...somewhere in between. Everything I can find (kit or aftermarket) is either wide tread and skinny sidewall, or enough sidewall but narrow tread. I am toying with cutting a pair of leftover kit tires down to make one wider tire, and then cast it, but it isnt going well. Any thoughts? Here's sort of the look I want...not too much sidewall, but enough for the stripe... What I DON'T want...
  11. Hello, Posting some pics of my '65 Cyclone for reference since we hopefully will see this model soon from Mobius. If there is something specific you'd like to see, I'd be more than happy to try and capture it for you. I do not have any pics of the stock wheel covers on it.They are 14", which no longer fit my current 15" wheels. Regard's,Myron_
  12. My 1st woody! Revell did a good job on this kit. It's really nice to build. Lowered and riding on Pegasus chrome reverse wheels. The nose decal doesn't fit the raised letters, as it's too short. So I cut up the decal and applied the letters one at a time: I put an Aloha garland in there,,, nearly forgot the chassis: I hope you like it Comments appreciated + or -
  13. I know a lot of you guys will have built either this, or the chopped version, so you'll know how nice this kit goes together. Anyone who's wondering if they should build one; Do yourself a favour and buy this kit. I've been used to old kits and re-pops of old kits, where the tooling is dodgy. But this is like a Tamiya kit in its engineering and moulding. The decals are also some of the best I've ever used. That said, the review in ModelCars Mag, proved to be very useful, especially when highlighting symmetry issues on the front end. All of the following photos are from my phone, so please excuse the quality. Body issues dealt with. Rattle-can primer. One of my favourite parts of building a kit, is the engine. I added a rudimentary attempt at a fuel system (it looks ok to the naked eye). I made the fuel filter from clear sprue, tinted with a yellow and silver Sharpie. I drilled out the kit distributor and added plug wires. The coil was about to be added after this photo I decided to make the Woody more 'surf'. So I gave it hibiscus upholstery . Here's the rear seats too The engine got some wires to the alternator and a basic throttle linkage. These Caddy engines are nice to detail.
  14. This is my version of the Revell '49 Mercury. I Love this kit because of all the options & the excellent fitment. I always strive to get nice shiny paint jobs on my builds so I thought I'd try something new & go with flat black. I still couldn't resist the urge to BMF the windows. The paint is Walmart grey primer & flat black with Testor's Dullcoat on top to seal & dull out the decals. I had some various Slixx decals in my stash so I made this into a hotrod shop car. I wanted the flat exterior with a nice looking interior & engine. Thanks for looking.
  15. hey every body new project about to start this cyclone gt . have a few ideas . wanting to try a rusty finish . thinking may go Gasser on this not sure yet . dont know about colors and rims etc maybe army green . may also do an engine swap from the 390 to something else a gasser build needs something poking thru the hood i think. we,ll see all comments are welcome
  16. Hello folks, My name is Myron. I occasionally spend time here for ideas and inspiration.I don't get too much time to build between work and family life. I have been a clay sculptor with Ford Motor Co. for 22 years. I currently work in digital format. I currently own a 1965 Mercury Comet Cyclone. I collect Schwinn Muscle bikes as well. Looking forward to posting a few builds I've done,or are in progress. Regard's,Myron_
  17. Hello modeling friends! This is is the Revell Mercury kit that's pretty amazing. From the building options to the excellent easy fitting parts. I built this kit as a gift for my brother who is an Auburn University graduate. Here is a list of the things I added or changed to the model. A lot of the ideas I got for the car came from all you guys wonderful builds. Hope there's no hard feelings!! -blended the front bumper -cut the B pilar out -smoothed the fire wall and molded in wires -wired the spark plug wires, battery, colant overflow, alternator, oil filter, and fuel lines. -upgraded to a 12v system with a new battery and alternator with custom bracket -added the clear steering wheel, metal springs up front, air cleaner and resin valve covers -paint and clear are duplicolor auto lacquer Thanks for looking and model on!!!
  18. Hello Here is my latest project I always love the whole "concept car Mercury XM Turnpike Cruiser" It was moved on a trailer "Showcase" Trailed by a "Ford BIG JOB" 1956 My idea: copy the whole, modifying and installed in the trailer, the new Mercury Voyageur SW output in 1957 .. I so love the SW!I Started this project in July 2009 ended there in April 2013 for the NNL EAST I started building Modelhaus resin "stock" that you saw on this forum. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=72421&hl=%2Bmercury+%2B1957 At the same time I built the COE has a lot of work. Mix resin resin between RMR and 56 of Ford Pickup Dodge L700 and largely scratch chassis. All windows have been installed before painting, I paint the whole car inside the trailer! I'm crazy LOL no other solution. It falait more it is transportable to have it in hand luggage was on the plane! For the interior, I made a real wood floor. On the sides, I did a show with such a display and vintage advertising. The trailer builds from the Flatbed Trailer Dodge L700, it was started in 2009, I was not able to finish on time. Mid March when I decided to cut into two and again it was wrong! As there are a lot of explanation, I decided to made ​​the video and some photos of WIP I used to build this set: - Mercury SW traveler modelhaus - Dodge-L700 with flatbed trailer Lindberg - Ford COE 51/52 resin RMR - Revell Ford-pickup1956 - Many evergreen,... Hobby paint color, alclaad, polyurethane varnish ... some stages of construction This set has won the Best theme "Resin Rules" to NNL EAST, thank you to Tom Geiger and his team. http://youtu.be/J82d841XfJA full WIP in ma Fotki : http://public.fotki.com/Zelkam/stock/
  19. I bought this kit back in 2001. I dug this kit outta my mom's garage a couple weeks ago. I had originally painted it with a Testors Red and didn't like how it looked. It spent some time in the purple pond (you may begin to see a trend here) and I stripped and sanded it all down. I sprayed it with Duplicolor Primer/Sealer and will sand it down tomorrow and spray the second coat. In currently undecided on what color I should do this car in! I've been researching it like crazy and just can't choose one. Hopefully I'll figure that out soon.
  20. Hi guys, here some pics of the finished model, hope you like it.
  21. Hi guys, i have just started a new proyect. Its the well known Mercury from the movie COBRA I will use the Mercury from Revell with some modifications in the body, bumpers, etc. Thanks for your feedback and suggestions.
  22. Hi there ! Here is my last build, a '73 Mercury Cougar. Rusty, missing parts, should be a nice project car The kit is from AMT, 1/25 scale.
  23. Does anyone know if someone offers stock hood for the 64 Mercury Comet? The ones i have seen so far are the teardrop and the one with the huge air intakes in front. I need the stock one.
  24. om617

    1949 Mercury

    Just finished this AMT kit,just needs some more blackwash on the grill and install of the radiator hoses. It`s built out of the box,i used some flame mask i found on Ebay and Tamiya paint. From the parts box are outside mirror,antenna and front indicators,they are the same style as the rear lights,59 Cadillac-ish. The v12 is the original v8 with added 4cyl from a parts engine from a 48 Ford. I used 2 webers and exhaust tips from an old Ferrari kit,added an supercharger and some small things. Not really that nice so this will keep its hood shut lol. I was aiming more at the hot rods over the custom lead slead style. Anyway,here are some pics. Comments and constructive critique is welcome.
  25. Just finished this restoration of an original AMT '66 Mercury Cyclone 390 GT. You can get the full story and see more pics on my site at the link. http://www.svensworldofwheels.com/66_cyclone_page.html
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