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Found 8 results

  1. Hi guys ! Sharing today an old built, the Cadillac Coupe De Ville 1976 by Modelhaus. As these kits are ultra rare now I just regret to have built it at a time where my skills weren't as good as they are today. I could restore it completely though. I guess this Cadillac's still presentable and worth a few pics here, don't you think ? ...Ah, If only Revell would stop doing Customs and Lowriders to offer more old "stock" american cars !
  2. Hi guys, Sharing with you today an old built, made by Modelhaus. This is the '61 Cadillac Coupe series 62. It's now very very rare and I regret I haven't buy more than one at the time, to make a convertible or an Eldorado from it. I built it around 10 years ago, not pristine but presentable, IMHO. I also regret, (and I am sure I'm not the only one here), that Modelhaus is not around anymore....the quality was excellent. I am glad that they made amazing hubcaps for that model, way better that what Jo-Han's made for its 1961 Fleetwood. Enjoy !
  3. Modelhaus Mercury 1957 hubcaps

    Hello N Help Some Years ago I bought the wonderful Turnpike Cruiser -57 kit from Modelhaus together with the connie kit and cruising skirts. Along with the kit came exact copies of the Turnpike Cruiser hubcaps too, which I've missplaced I own a 1/1 Turnpike Cruiser and was looking forward to building this kit as soon as my skills were up to par after a long break from building So long text short: Can someone help me with these hubcaps? Or similar ones? I would be very, Very, VERY greatful! Rocking regards Janne
  4. 1972 Buick Riviera - Boat-tail

    My last finished build of 2017 I think... My tribute to Modelhaus, of their 1972 Buick Riviera Boat-tail. This is the last model I ordered from Modelhaus in May 2016 and received it November 2017. I will miss them like all of you will I'm sure. Another excellent cast, very detailed body, interior and parts. I chose a custom metallic brown paint, actually slightly two-tone below the chrome body accent strip. Lot's of hand-polished clear coats, this is mirror smooth and shiny Interior is Coffee Bean mixed with Mocha craft paints. Drilled out the headlights replaced with resin lenses I choose Pegasus wheels, as for me they fit well and fill the huge wheel-wells. Had a lot of fun with this one, thanks Modelhaus for all you have given us in the hobby
  5. 1967 Cougar - Modelhaus

    I've always liked the stance and look of a Cougar, one of my best friends in Highschool had a 67 light blue with Cragers and Radial TA's. While I chose a darker color blue then the actual Mercury light blue, this is Duplicolor Medium Maui Blue metallic. Wheels are Pegasus "T's"
  6. The last of the last order I placed with Modelhaus on May 15, 2016 arrived last Friday December 2, 2016 the day before my birthday even!! What a bittersweet box opening, like getting something from a good friend before they move away forever. I knew it was going to take awhile to get the parts when I ordered them, it wasn't an issue in my book. The quality is the same as we've always come to expect, there's a note from Carol to make sure you go over your order to make sure it's complete. (Which mine was.). This was my largest order I'd ever placed with them, probably just like everyone else. As always, Carol was so nice along the way. If you're waiting on an order from Modelhaus, don't forget to email and thank them for all their hard work to get it to you. They've really bent over backwards to get us all our parts after getting slammed with more orders than they ever expected; when someone else probably would have just threw up their hands and walked away! I got everything from wheels, tires to grills and bumpers, plus a '57 Mercury short Styleside bed pick up (Canadian Ford pick up). The pick up was the highlight of the order, nice crisp Modelhaus quality resin! I had been haunting eBay for a '60 Ford pick up forever and finally just decided to get the '57 just to be a little different. I have a Revell Parts Pack Chassis Research type short wheelbase dragster and an Attempt I trailer to go with the pick up; at least that's been my idea for ages. I like to get everything together, at least the major components together for each build, so that was the last piece of the puzzle. Probably be moving that one up,to first in line after the first of the year!!
  7. 1970 Ford Country Squire wagon.

    Well after six years of bad paint, finding the wood grain and various other road blocks my '70 Country Squire is done. This is a loose replica of my '77 Country Squire I restored in college between 2005 to 2008. I hand made the roof rack, God only knows where I picked up the water slide decals for the wood grain and the wheel covers are off the reissued AMT van kit. Paint was Testors lacquer flame red with three coats of clear, wet sanded and hand polished. Other than adding an antenna and a few items to match my '77, shes 99% done.
  8. 1970 Ford Country Squire

    This project is going on years to finish. Soon as I get the funds or use someone elses air brush set to paint the hand made roof rack with Alcald, she can continue being built. The 1970 Ford LTD Country Squire is being built to mirror my 1977 Country Squire I had and restored in college between 2005 to 2008. After all the hard work of bringing back the '77 alive, she met her fate in a strange accident the same day I graduated from college in the spring of 2008. My '77 that I restored in college.