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Found 10 results

  1. First time poster and newbie. Here's my attempt; it''s rough but it's a work truck. I'm really happy with my first attempt at lights, I learnt a lot and next time would use smaller batteries, next gen LEDS. I tried to disguise the battery box as a crate; as you can see I need to hide the wires. It was my first time soldering as well, I'd like to try some sort of circuit board next time. Anyway gentle with the constructive comments. Dave. P.S. Notice the Australian flag in the left hand bottom corner of the rear window. D.
  2. Hello everyone. I'm Noman and I live in Peshawar, Pakistan. I've been building kits since 1987 but initially only planes. Got busy with life in the middle somewhere and now restarted building. I enjoy building pretty much everything I can get my hands on and have recently started building more and more car kits. So far I've loved every bit of it and amassed a good collection of kits too. Hope to see everyone's work and learn from all of you. Peace and Love.
  3. Hi All, I used to build basic models as a kid but as I got older I started working on real cars and going drag racing. Now in my 30's, I wanted an indoor hobby to balance out playing rec sports during the week so I am getting back into building from the basics to the intermediate stuff based on the race or street cars I help work on. A number of my projects I will be donating to kids or doing as a gift for a few car friends who can't buy the real version of their dream car. My first 2 builds will be a 69 Nova for a friend and a drag racing themed Foxbody Mustang for me. Anyway, just wanted to say hi and thanks for all the future help I'm sure to get. Pat
  4. Hello! I'm here looking for help, I built a few models a lifetime ago with my stepdad but that's it. I was about 5 so I have no idea what we used or what we needed. My husband built models as a kid up into his teenage years but when life got busy he didn't have the time to keep doing it and lost all his stuff over the years. He likes models he has to pain. I want to get him everything he needs to start back buolding with for Christmas but I have no idea where to start. I at least want to get the basics and then I can get him the "fancy" stuff that's just nice to have for other gifts. My question is what are the basics? He mentioned air brushing and small air compressors in conversation but I didn't want to press much I want it to be a surprise. Also, what's the best place to buy equipment and supplies from? Including build kits? What kind of paint do I need to get for airbrushing? I know I don't know the lingo here but this is something I really want to do for my hard working husband. I craft, sew, and cut vinyl so I want to give him a section of my art room for his art too ❤️ Thanks in advance for your help!
  5. Hello everyone just wanna make myself known, im new to this place, but anyway ive been building models for a verylong time and just wanna say hi so HI!!!!!! i also want to ask you people somthing where do i go to make a page to post my stuff at?"
  6. Hi all , I am newbie wanting to get this 1/24 Aoshima Subaru INGS GRB fix up. What tools are needed to fix 1/24 self fix model ? How should I perfectly cut out all the small parts ? Thanks in advance !
  7. Hi everyone, Was helping my mother move house and found a cupboard filled with my old model cars from when I was a teenager,I'm now 62 So took them back to my garage and will be rebuilding them properly ,airbrushed not brush painted. Started on the worst ones, the J car and Plymoth. Used caustic soda to de paint them, then airbrush and reassemble with a bit more care than when I was younger.
  8. Hi folks, my name is Les and i like to build models. Ok that sounded like A.A. Who would have thought styrene could be that adictive. Lol. I live in the far North of Scotland on the Orkney Islands.I generally build cars and trucks in 1/24 and 1/25 scale. It has been about ten years since i built any models. Its only in the last week i thought to look for modelling forums as opposed to searching plastic models on google, and some of the suggested links for that were eye opening to say the least, but the less of them the better. Lol. Anyway i hope to make some friends and get tips from the forum and look forward to interacting with you all.
  9. Hello everyone! Im Terry and im from Ohio. I found this forum while searching for model kit reviews! I'm 28 and used to be big into model building as a kid and in my early teens but haven't touched a model since I was about 16. I recently got interested again after looking at model kits while I was at Pat Catans with my wife. I since purchased three new kits that I have big plans for! I also found some of my finished models from when I was a kid at my parents house and brought them home. Anyway, I'm glad I found this site! Looks like a lot of good people and good info! I always wanted to try out some resin parts and get more into detailing and I plan to start with my new purchases!
  10. Greetings, I'm Glen and at the ripe old age of 59, I've decided to start building models again, which I last did when I was about 12-14. After completing a couple of kits, I've realized that age hasn't improved my skills, just my expectations for the results. I've picked up a lot from reading forums and the magazines, but I need lots more practice. So far I've been mostly interested in classic muscle cars. I know I'm going to have questions from all you experts. Is the General forum the place where I should post them?
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