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Found 5 results

  1. Hey everyone!, this is gonna be my first ever large scale build......and my last. A friend of mine gave me this kit, and I said that I don't normally do large scale, but if I did, it would be a Countach, so here I am! I say "upgrade", because EVERYBODY builds this kit as the kit specifies...….NOT me, I will be turning it into a later model 500s, while getting inspiration from the lesser-known Twin Turbo prototype, so there will be a TON of scratchbuilding involved! -thanks for checking it out!
  2. Base kit is the Otaki Lamborghini Cheetah, a basic motorized model that is sort of collectible. This vehicle was a prototype that Lamborghini created, in the hopes of landing a US military contract, several were built, only one survived. It had a Chrysler V8, not a Lamborghini engine, so I thought it would be wicked to sort of stay authentic with the Dodge Hellcat engine. There is some good reference material, a few of the most useful photos I'll post up front. Suspension was torsion bars. Looks like they made the bell housing going down to the transmission. What I don't see is a radiator, fuel tank(s), exhaust, so will have to make that up. Found this on eBay, since the box is damaged from either insects or water, and the instructions were missing, got a relatively good deal. This Cheetah thread is how ChrisR saved my butt with the instructions. Not going to use the motor, lights, or roof rack. I got the box scanned, and a copy done in B&W at 10%, so I could draw the plan. Many aftermarket parts are rounded up, have more coming. Iceman Collectibles Hellcat engine, got two, plus his VR6 engine. Today (10/10/2020) I had to start! This is unusual for me, to quick assemble the major parts to see how it goes together, good thing I did. First off, the parts (not including the electrical pieces): Typical motorized simple chassis. First part to glue on was the top "A arms" part. First time using the sprue cutter, ironic the handles are orange! Interior tub is stuck together. Engine cover put on, tub set in place. Obviously the battery compartment will be cut out. Already not liking the interior, it's shallow for the wiring and switches, that needs to be modified. At this point I see the shortcomings, the engine cover does not come all the way down, the roll cage interferes with the dash, and the tub has no positive locators so it has about 1/4" room for error. I'm going to put Countach taillights in, since they are industrial looking anyway, they should look 100% better than the kit units. Another shortcoming is the windshield does not go all the way down. The canvas top has a nice texture, but I'm putting in photo-etch mesh, I see some sort of brace telegraphing a shape, so will put in another tube on the cage. I see one thing that is shouting at me, the side grills do what? There is a ton of interior tub work to do, as expected. So it's not like I don't have any unusual WIP waiting, like the Mercedes G666 BenutzerdefiniertHinterntretenJadgAktenvernichterGeländewagenLimousine and Auto Union C - Vanderbilt Cup 1937. ?
  3. My 3rd Build was going to be easy. i thought .... but it just seamed like it was fighting me especially the paint .had to redo much of it . and i did not end up where i had originally pictured it . it definately dident turn out to be a showcar (maybe a contender for a Complete restauration in the future. but never the less i got it done . this Corona has a custom interior with a rollcage. custom front and rear spoiler. and a mesh in the grill. the wheels are optional Mpc.s . im imaginating the car to be a Jdm/drift guy,s plaything / everyday driver . ´this build really pushed me to the point of allmost giving up when it just keept getting worse . but glad i dident even if its not perfect and the clear turned flat in some places. maybe its just a car on its way to becomming a so called Drift Missile car . im glad i had the struggle it just gives experience for next time . so here it is . this was the kit it was a old Otaki kit ..one of those motorized kits
  4. going to slowly start a new project . this its the 1970 Toyota corona from Otaki . i dont yet know what i will be doing here . should it be box stock or Custom i have no idea about color yet could be anything ... now the interior sucks on this kit the seats are half sized . because i guess they liked to make these kits into slot-cars back then. so it has a battery compartment and room for a motor inside . and there are gears on the back axle . so there is some work in that if i choose to try and fix it the body is pretty nice on first glance. the doorhandle,s are hollow and corona emblems is molded on the side. but it does have some heavy mold lines to remove . and the chrome is awful allround .. oh and the instructions are missing from the kit . its an od kit witch i have not been able to find Any info on or even a single picture of online. shame i dont read japaneese then maybe .??? anyone know anything ??? your ideas or thoughts on this project are very welcome .
  5. Hello, I've been looking through my grandfather stuff during Christmas (Grandpa passed away 25 years ago) and I've found something interesting. He was collecting train models TT and N, but in dozens of boxes containing those I've found two OTAKI Plastic Models. These are Alfa Romeo Coupe 33 and Lamborghini Miura P400. Both are 1:16 scale and are in PERFECT condition, they were never opened nor used. As they are something around 30-40 years old I think they might be pretty valuable, that's why I am not planning to build them, but to sell them. Do you know how much may they cost? I mean, I've seen this Alfa Romeoon the Ebay for 200$ with damaged box, while mine, as I've mentioned before, is in 100% perfect condition. I haven't found Miura anywhere on the net so it might be pretty rare especially considering their age. I attached photos of boxes and the parts inside it.
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