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Found 42 results

  1. Trying to copy my son's 1:1 pickup

    I want to make a model of my son's 1:1 1981 Chevy truck he inherited from my dad. I've got the body itself sorted out, including scratch building the camper shell, but I need to figure out the grille. I did a Google search and found a picture of a model with the correct grille. The grille looks like it is resin. I'm looking for that EXACT grille.
  2. First of all, I would like to say hello again to everybody here! It's been a long while since I've worked on any models. Now that the re-introduction's out of the way, I have a question: what kind of engine is in the AMT '79 Ford Firestone pickup? I have the Model King variant that was released about a decade ago, so I'm under the presumption that it has the same engine.
  3. Preliminary box art for the forthcoming 1/25 MPC Dodge D-100 Pickup kit:
  4. Should be out within the next two months or so. Excellent choice for the box art.
  5. Here's my finished version of the Moebius 66 Ford F-100 short bed pickup which is based on the second round test shot. The tooling is about 95% ready to go at this point and final test shots should be available shortly. Colors I used are Rangoon Red over Wimbledon White. Still waiting on the decals which will include some scripts which are missing from my build up. Moebius is shooting for the first release to be before the end of the year, most likely it will be the 66 Flareside version. Look for a display of these kits at the Detroit Show coming up next month. -Steve
  6. Got the kit recently, no instructions. Just a copy is fine. Kit # 38163-1HD.
  7. Originally a Lindberg kit, now packaged under the AMT label, the 1/20 scale 1992 Toyota 4x4 Pickup should be available soon:
  8. Best pickup kits for crewcab

    Hi everybody, I am thinking about building a crew cab pickup and wanted to know what you think would be a good kit to use. It can be Ford, Chevy, Dodge, or anything else. I just want a kit that would be easy to build into a crew cab.
  9. As you can see by the award plaque, this was built a while ago... testers Candy red over metallic red with decals from an IMSA monza kit. dats-am03 by Mike, on Flickr dats-am01 by Mike, on Flickr dats-am02 by Mike, on Flickr
  10. Here is an old thread fix caused by the botophucket debacle, Conceived and built in the 80's, it's going to get some attention to resolve some issues (like no back glass) after the Phantom Ranchero GT is done. Scan of photo taken in the mid 80's gremlin01 by Mike, on Flickr More recent photos with better camera gremlin04 by Mike, on Flickr gremlin07 by Mike, on Flickr gremlin03 by Mike, on Flickr gremlin05 by Mike, on Flickr IMG_3262 by Mike, on Flickr
  11. Gonna give weathering a shot on this 53 Ford pickup. It's going to be a work truck and I'll be going with the salting technique over this rust colored primer.
  12. Hello, here is another of my latest builds.. Brush paintjob and some details added..
  13. GMC Chevy Rally Wheels

    Good morning all... I am in need of some GMC rally wheels like this with the caps I have searched high and low and can not seem to find any. Any info on where I can source some or if any one has any to trade/sell let me know Thanks Mike
  14. Here is a scan of a fuzzy photo from the 80's Some pics of the engine before changing to more "factory" options. Dual quads and manifold removed, going with single 4-bbl carb setup The body is already soaking in the purple pond, but it doesn't seem to be having any effect on thirty-something year old car paint, going to have to use brake fluid. Comments welcomed.
  15. 66 Ford F Series

    Hello all! I am wondering if anybody knows if there was ever a kit made of 66 Ford F100 or F150 2WD any help would be great thanks
  16. Found an original Willys 1940 pickup truck, street rod version. Was seeing lots of remakes online, but the only one I saw with the original box was listed for $4000 on terapeak it looked like.. Looks to me like it's all original parts for the truck, did notice all of the wheel parts were not there. Was kind of just wondering what I had on my hands here. tried to include more pictures but it wasn't being kind to me. Parts in the bag, original manual and decals still there
  17. Revell 1980 Ford Ranger Pickup

    First and only completed kit of the year. It was a rush job to kinda build up confidence in the skill that I'm slacking. The body color is Testors One Coat Lacquer Mythical Maroon. I'll throw the decals on tomorrow. Hopefully it only gets better from here.
  18. What is the most accurate '73 to '87 kit out there? I just bought a Revell '77 GMC Wrecker Truck and was far less than impressed. The visor, sunroof, mirror holes, and incorrect rear window lower edge make this cab unuseable. Not to mention the cast-in engine block... However it was worth the price of admission for the one ton wheels and tires. Those are particularly difficult to source. What other pickups are out there which are more correct? I want to stay as stock as possible. I have the most interest in 1973 to '80 model years, prefer a 2WD if there is one, and I am okay with kit bashing. New guy here, so I hope I am not rehashing a question that has been answered before. But in my defense, I did multiple searches here and did not find the topic.
  19. Hello everyone, here is my latest project. This project started during or soon I find this picture. my idea to change the use of decals board provided last year. I thought of several ideas on a roof rack my woody, not big enough ... trailer ... and then I had the idea to change the COE delivery, the idea of the COE advertising was born ... realized in 3 weeks to participate in the NNL east. Mix Resin Delivery Ford COE at RMR and 50 Monogram Ford pickup. Tamiya paint varnish Hobby collor Wheels "Foose Nitrous II 1/24 19" and 21 '' at Scale of Production. wooden floor, with stirrers for coffee, glued 1/1 Inside the ford 50 shortcut billboard full scratch. here it is finished, old small box has the right size, cut and built 1/1, the kid just an old box of 59 buick amt etc ... and finally the final model exhibited at NNL WIP images WIP IN VIDEO
  20. Years ago I chopped a '37 cab (my first ever chop) and it didn't quite turn out right. Then I planned to use the cab to build a rat truck with an inline 6, but used that engine for another build. Every few months I get the cab out and mock it up with various engines and spare parts, but nothing ever came of it because I didn't have any frames that would work very well. I'd shortened the bed, but as the glue dried the panels warped. It went back in the box. A couple days ago, inspired by the trucks of Rudy Rodriguez and Ian Loska, among others, I decided to just make a frame, and go from there. So far, it's coming together fairly quickly. Some notes: -AMT '27 Touring front wheels and tires -Monogram classic rear tires on Monogram '30 ford wire wheels out back -Ford 9" from AMT 57 Corvette street machine -front axle from AMT '29 Ford roadster, modified with some bolt detail, scribed lines on the spindles, and plastic axle stubs -disc brakes from the junk pile. Calloway corvette, maybe? -resin Buick Nailhead from The Parts Box in Australia. -AMT '34 Ford grille The plan is for a fairly extreme neo-traditional rod. At this point I'm undecided if it will get shiny paint or patina, or a combination of both.
  21. Good Day Folks! I am currently using the Revell 1977 Pickup kit to make a camper special. I don't really care for the engine that is included has it lacks detail, so I was wondering what kit or aftermarket engine could I use instead? Thank You in advance for your suggestions, -Steven
  22. I bought this model because I love wreckers of all kind. But when researching this particular model I found little to nothing. So I decided to post this build. I don't wanna keep it stock, so I made a custom 8-10 inch lift kit by using the snow plow mounts from the Gmc snow plow truck 1/24 model. I will keep you guys updated thanks in advance.
  23. This Model King/Moebius 69 Ford pickup was matched to a reworked AMT 65 El Camino camper.
  24. Here is my 4th build of a 53 pickup. I really like this kit - not the flip version (even though I did build one), but the 3 in 1. I love the custom parts and the Desoto engine in it. I have plans for another custom, a 4x4 and a COE. here are the other 3 I've built so far: This one will be the stock version. A couple of good things that should go well for me on this build. I've built two 3 in 1s so I'm fairly familiar with the kit. Although this is the first stock, for my 53 ford wagon, I built a stock engine so I also have an idea of how that goes. Cleaned up some parts the last couple of days and laid primer and some base flat black on them. Using a resin spare tire fender. Not sure on the color yet. Here are some pics:
  25. My friend Dave at Moebius Models was kind enough to send me an advanced copy of the 71 Ford Ranger kit. So lets take a look at doing a basic build up. Regardless of the subject matter car, truck or otherwise. I follow the same three rules .... or lets call them guidelines. Rules sound kind of harsh for a hobby. First, every parts is as important as the next one. Second, test fit everything. Last but not least, assemble as much as I can before painting. That last one has backfired on me a few times, I've built myself into a proverbial corner more then once. As you can see I've attached most of the suspension parts to the frame. Glued up the major drive line parts and even put the brake booster halves together. I'm going to hold off attaching the rear axle until after painting and the exhaust is ready to go in. As the interior will require a lot of detail painting I've only attached the steering wheel to the column and rear interior wall to the floor. To keep the interior square the I attached the interior sides with tape while the glue dried on the rear panel. Since the firewall will be body color I went ahead and attached it the cab. This is great time to check the hood fit. Mine had the slightest twist to it. Nothing that some hot tap water and some counter twisting could fix. I went ahead and attached the inner side panels and the rear panel to the bed floor. I also attached the inner panel to the tail gate. This is one area where the engineering of this kit really shines. The bed parts all fit like a glove, better then any other pickup I ever built. My sample has some pretty good sink marks on the transmission pan but it was nothing I could take care of with a quick swipe of some catalyzed glazing putty. After I took a quick break the putty was ready to sand. A few minutes with some sanding sticks finished it off. Next time up I'll break out the Duplicolor primer. Now I just need to decide on a color scheme ..... Stay tuned ..... -Steve