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Found 61 results

  1. Hi folks, some weeks ago I got this old model when I visited the ROG factory sale. It has been used as a showcase model in toy stores back in the day and I thought it might be worth to do a resto on it. I have 2 new kits of that car so I limited the resto work to the body parts, wheels & tyres and interior. And... I wanted to do a vinyl top, for the first time. I chose to go for Verdoro Green which looks pretty nice in combo with a black vinyl top. Here we go: A word or two on the vinyl roof: I used a trick by Marcos Cruz which is applying spray glue PRIOR to the primer coat. That will create a nice surface structure for the vinyl top. The seams and additional chrome parts were made using Evergreen profiles which were sanded down. After all, I was pretty pleased with the results: EDIT: I wasn't quite happy with the images above. For one, they have been taken outside rather in a rush and some appear to be overexposed. Second, and more importantly, I wasn't happy with the way the headlights turned out. As I mentioned, this is a resto and the original headlights were so full of glue that I could not save them and decided to go for aftermarket parts. However, these are smaller and somewhat darker or dull, so I kinda missed the "sparkle" in the Firedbird's "eyes". That's why I decided to replace them with new headlights from a complete kit I own. I will have to find new ones for that kit, but for now I am much more satisfied with the result of this build. Enough said, here are the new images:
  2. Wanted: MPC '70 Pontiac GTO kit

    Hi folks, I am looking for this MPC kit: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/mpc-ertl-6281-70-pontiac-gto--539746 If anyone of you has one to sell or trade or knows a shop which carries it, please let me know and we could work something out. Keep in mind I live in Germany so things might not be that easy (or cheap) shipping-wise, but I guess where there's a will there's a way... Feedbacks will be appreciated!
  3. Moebius & AMT Pontiacs

    This one is the Ventura, started these this week, I do like how the finned brake drums turned out. Closeup of Pontiac Wheels. Centers were painted Tamiya aluminum while outside was painted Testors' silver. Can't leave the Catalina out of this, can I? Wheels are kit supplied while I sourced the parts box for the BF Goodrich Radial T/As And since I'm building Catalinas, here is the AMT version. Wheels are from AMT 65 Pontiacs while tires are parts box items. Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed.
  4. AT 65 Pontiac 2 + 2

    First completion since January 2017, got this one done November 30 of this year. Painted Testors' Fathom Green, with various shades of grey for interior. Tires/Wheels are Pegasus "23" Ts" Thanks for looking, comments welcomed.
  5. Pontiac Grand Slam

    US Cars AMT 1: 2565 Pontiac Grand Slam in lowrider style Hi Guys ! After some time and 2 hospital visits followed by rehab for 2 new knee joints, I'll meet again to introduce something new. It is the AMT kit P65 `Pontiac Grand Slam. I have tried something new in the model. The paint in a nail polish that was diluted by me so far that you could inject it. Another effect varnish. Over it then several layers of clear coat. The roof was first painted with clear coat, then applied to the still wet clearcoat a carrier film with the Rainbowflitter. After about 10 minutes, I pulled off the film again, there were already some parts of the clear coat dry and it was this zebra effect. I then blackened the empty sections with a brush and sealed them with clear lacquer. I look forward to your comments. Greetings from Jan
  6. 1978 Firebird

    Its been a busy summer and I haven't gotten as much time at the bench as I'd like. I finally finished one, as well as the minibike (which was much tougher than the car!). Didn't want to go with the cliche` black and gold, the decal sheet had a blue bird so that's the way I went. Thanks for looking, comments welcome.
  7. If Round2 could find the inserts for the Ventura II Sprint version...
  8. I as at a car show today and saw this 17k mile 1960 Pontiac Ventura. Does anyone know if there is a resin body of this out there.
  9. AMT 1963 Pontiac Bonneville

    Been searching for stock bucket seats for the 1963 Bonneville for over a year now. No luck on eBay,either outbid or no internation shipping,and no luck as for friends on facebook. I have no problem with resin parts so if someone have copies or somthing they be willing to let go of,i`m sure we could figure somthing out. Thanks for looking. Tommy
  10. Build info Finished 8/11! Thread exclusive group pics with prior F-body builds
  11. Posted this in the CB 2018 thread, but not why post it here as well. What I started with: Quick mock up What's done so far 7/22: Did quite a bit of scratch building, trimming, and parts scrounging for the 2JZ and the engine compartment. Quite a tight squeeze in there (won't be able to see the 2nd turbo once the cowl in in) and considering it's 1/24 vs the AMT's 1/25th I used on a eariler 2JZ swapped F-body, that made some things a bit more difficult but was still possible. Used spare turbos from Olds Areo on shortened and trimmed Ferrari Enzo V12 headers and made intake tubes from spare chrome parts trees. The idea for the intake was it to be ram air style for functionality, so I found a old painted radiator from a 80s Turbo FWD of some sort and used that. Exhaust is the old LT1 style from a 93 Pace Car as it's on the same side as the 2JZ's header and easier to intergrate going by experience on a 2JZ'd '93 I built long ago. The 98 strangely had a single exhaust tip setup so a dual tip f-body muffler was scrounged up but was missing the tips. So, on went spare aluminum stacks from the Opel GT as new tips. Also had to modify the radiator so the fan shrouds don't hit the motor as much. Also opened up the vents and expanded the snorkel scoops on the hood for better air flow with that tight motor and the turbos. Still have some small things and a bit of clean up to do motorwise as I plan to add in intercooler to slightly show where the lower front lights were, then it'll be setting the ride height/wheels and it's off to paint. Had Walmart Color-place Fire Red in mind to complement my older 2JZ T/A build. Will try to keep posted here and the CB thread.
  12. A few months ago at one of the local mtgs, a member was selling some kits and aftermarket decal sheets cheap. Bought some deals and the decals were mostly Slixx drag car decals and 80s-90s era sheets from kits like monogram drag cars and some 90s AMT, but one he had that struck me was a Trans Am Collectors Edition decal sheet (in a baggie marked 2002 Firebird, no manufacturer name) that appeared to fit the Revell 98 Firebird, and it was only a buck so I bought it. Since I had a 2005 Revell reissue of the 98 Firebird on hand and these decals, I looked up photos of the 1:1s to get an idea of what the decals were for and that would give me a spark for a quick fun future project (after dealing with all the work on a incomplete Monogram 41 Lincoln which I also plan to post here). Paint is Rustoluem Yellow (close enough match for the 1:1 sun yellow) and Colorplace black for the roof, all cleared with future. Decals were ok-ish at best, a bit thin and transparent (the silver stripes on the 1:1s are kinda a transparent darkish color here thou) but they did the job well, and I wasn't gonna sweat this being factory stock since I had a plans to do light custom work anyway. Part of the ram air intake had a bit of a short shot so that was cut off and plastic tubing painted silver was used to as an intake pipe to connect to what wasn't half molded. The stock wheels were too small so the custom wheels were used and the toy-ish chrome backings were painted black with rotor decals from another kit to livin it up. The 98 had a single exhaust for some odd reason so that piece was swapped from a snap-tite '93 a friend of mine traded me for another 98 I had that he wanted (he's in love with 4th gen F-bodies and wants to try to build one of these too since I bought the decals first and wonders who originally made them). Apologies if a few of the pics came out kinda blurry, but I didn't notice them on my phones screen (OLEDs must have some kind of magic that hides imperfections that show on normal HDTVs).
  13. The OG crow

    You probably seen my replica of Justin’s new car, but I recently had a customer put in a order for the old one and I might as well share the progress.
  14. Trans Am `Bandit`

    Hi Folks ! Today i like to show you my Trans Am from the movie ´ Smokey and the Bandit`. I build it OTB with small modifications . Enjoy the pics, Grettings from Germany Jan
  15. 68` Pontiac Firebird 400

    Hi guys! Since im on winter vacation at this week, i was able to finish another build.. Had some serious issues with chassis, interior body combo.. and im bit unhappy how tail lights came out.. Other than those i liked this kit.. also AMT polyglass tires did not fit so well on kit wheels, but in the dark corner of display shelf its all good.. After i did upload photos i realized that door locks are still in body color, little Molotow will solve that.. Color is Tamiya TS-95 pure metallic red.. Now less talk, and more photos
  16. Monogram didn't specify a model year for its 1/24 scale Trans AM Pontiac kit, but I think their was intent was that it could be built as either a '77 or '78, depending upon which hood bird decal the builder chose to apply. Here's a look at the original issue, kit number 2247, from 1979, courtesy of various eBay listings: I never realized two hood birds were included until just now, but it does appear both '77 and '78 style birds are included: But wait!, there was also a companion Trans Am Street Machine kit, number 2258, also released in 1979, which featured a custom nose piece, hood, six-spoke wheels, bucket seats, turbocharged induction system, and "Turbochief" decals: The stock version has been reissued a few times since 1979, and now exists as a 3'n1 kit, shown below in the "Warbird" box: The Street Machine version was only issued once, and never seen again... not necessarily a bad thing.
  17. Pontiac; 1960 AMT rear bumper, 1963 Tempest grille (actually, only drivers side half), 1961 SMP Chevy Impala rear bumper -- still need to complete restoration of my old kits! Have many very old (1959-85 era) bumpers, grilles and wheel cover sets to trade; all original unused condition! Help an 'old' modeler get them right. Thanks, Wick
  18. Hi Guys (and lady's) - I'm looking to build a replica of my buddy's 1976 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am - I have the Revell 'Smokey and the Bandit' edition Looking to see if anyone knows of a aftermarket company that makes a '76 nose for it? I think Reliable Resin did a conversion kit years ago but I can't find that one anywhere online! Help? Thank you - Tim
  19. Trans Am

    Not a bad kit at all. Very easy to build, bit of a fit issue with the shaker hood though. Over all a very good model. SAM_1993 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_1994 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_1995 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_1996 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_1997 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_1998 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr
  20. I am finishing up a 1962 Pontiac Catalina as a surprise Gift for my Aunt. I got this Kit second hand, and only noticed at the very end of assembly after all is painted, that I am missing one of the chrome "fender spears" (I guess that is what I will call it) that goes on top of the front fenders. I think they may also house a turn-signal indicator light in the 1:1, but am not sure on that. Please see the pictures below to see what I am talking about. The first pic is of what I need, (not my car) the second is the Kit I have. The third kit is the OTHER kit I also have, but it is the "custom one" and does NOT have the "fender spears" as they are "shaved" in the custom model. Had I known it was missing, (I only have ONE) I would have simply filled the holes, but it is too late now, the car is painted, cleared, and polished. Any help is GREATLY appreciated. I am wiling to pay for the part and shipping. Thanks! Rudy
  21. '63 Bonneville: D/S taillight

    I inventoried the '63 Bonneville 'vert I just got back and the driver's side taillight lens, top boot and firewall are missing; in addition the driver's side of the rear bumper has the top of the taillight bezel broken off. Anyone have a bumper with a good left bezel? Thanks in advance! P.S. Also AWOL are the alternator, battery and exhaust manifolds but they're not as critical.
  22. For many years I've wanted to do a '61 Pontiac Tempest; finally I got a reasonably-priced and near-mint builtup on eBay: Managed to get it apart without much trouble - almost no glue was used. To me, the biggest problem with this kit is the overly-thick and crooked window pillars. To wit: (eBay and Hemmings images; real car has baseline trim) So I made the following modifications: I also thinned down the window frames considerably. Note that only on the driver's side the B-pillar is crooked; the one on the passenger side is correct. Here's where I am now: Some more little things have to be finessed, like the windshield and rear window trim, body seams and the wavy areas of the hood (where AMT put cutaway lines for louvers), but I'm getting there. Plans so far are to keep it curbside, and maybe add an underdash A/C unit. Hope this is of some help to anyone else tackling one of these little Ponchos - one idea: NASCAR had a compact class in which a few of these sedans raced alongside Falcons and Corvairs (while the Valiants mopped the floor with them!). Happy modeling!
  23. A while back I bought a built 1973 Firebird from Ebay. I have been looking for one for a long time and could not find any that were in my price range so I decided to do a rebuild of this one. Obviously it was built a LONG time ago. I stripped paint with oven cleaner and started fixing the body. I decided I wanted all the spoilers on it so I used the ones in the newly released '79 T/A kit. I always liked this car because of the lack of a front bumper (STYLE) and while doing the body work I decided to get rid of the rear bumper also. So I gave it a roll pan. I had to sand out alot of glue on the body, especially on the hood intakes. It seemed like I would never finish the sanding process. I found myself sanding too much in some areas and had to fill those along with getting rid of the bumps and swirl marks. Primed and sanded and primed and sanded and primed and sanded!!!! FINALLY got some paint on this beast!!!!! I put some Inca Gold on it for and underlying base color. This is NOT the final color but just another step. I would like to have this and my '74T/A completed before the fall Detroit Area Modelers Show because it is a 50th Anniversary for Camaro and T/A's theme.I hope you all enjoy, thanks for letting me be a part of the group!! ORIGINAL KIT
  24. Another project I am working on simultaneously with my 91 Ford LTD Crown Victoria P71. A 76-77 Pontiac LeMans Enforcer, or in other words, Sheriff Buford T. Justice's ride. :-) Also used by many other dept.'s across the country including my buddy Bill in DFW who is waiting oh, so patiently for this one. So I THINK I am finally getting past the 80% mark. Apologies for the pics. My regular camera died, and I don't know much about adjusting the controls of my video cam that also takes pics but here are a few of it as best I could get. On top of it all they removed my fav. pic grooming program as well from my 'puter. Still a bit rough, but almost ready for drip moldings, trim, tail lights and other fine details and then it will be done. At least to me. Feel free to criticize & point out deficiencies, and thanks for stopping by..