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  1. I built this model sometime in the early nineties from kit bashing the johan Sox & Martin cuda with the new at the time amt/ertl challenger kit. The aluminum slot mags are from the johan pro stock comet . I had to use two sets of Fred cady decals as the black base color bleeds through the yellow. The yellow panels had to be cut and splice together since they were drawn to fit the monogram 1/24 scale body. The hardest part of the build was sanding the molded in vinyl top texture off the roof. The hood scoop was from the mpc 1975 dodge dart kit. The black paint is from krylon topped future floor polish. Before slixx started it was always tough to piece together all the right small sponsorship decals. When slixx decals came on the market it really changed everything for the better. I still so grateful they are still here. As always thanks for looking 👀, Mike
  2. Started with a a resin dody from southern motorsports hobby. Scratched built rollcage and used parts form other drag car kits
  3. Ol' Herb is still pretty sharp. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwiZKEJK4O8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53bDsX9MOew https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94CG8vxtz54 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6cLqWEvBBpU
  4. Hello everyone, I am 16 years old and working on my first ever custom model. Been working on this for about a month now, just found this forum last week, and wanted to share my progress. I'm using the 1983 Revell Hurst/Olds for the body and windows, the 1984 Frank Iaconio Pro Stock Chevy for everything else, and Slixx's Warren Johnson Silver Hurst Olds decal sheet, 70s/80s wrinkle wall slicks, 70's crager F/C supertricks wheels, and the drop snout snorkel hood scoop. I have also widened the rear wheel wells to make them more accurate. However I made the mistake of buying a 1/24 pro stock kit and try to fit a 1/25 body on it. Lots of sanding and shaving has been done to the chassis so the body barely fits. I will update this thread as progress continues (I work on it just about every day.) Hope ya'll enjoy!
  5. I recently followed a Jo-Han Mercury Comet on eBay ; and , I noticed that it was a 2-in-1 , which I've never seen before ! I'm aware of the Maverick 2-in-1 kit , but wasn't aware of its Mercury counterpart . Is this a rare kit ? Was it a mid-year tooling change ( think : MPC 1971 Duster and 1971 Demon 340 --- the latter being a c.Spring 1971 intro ) ? From the photos , I was able to ascertain : - Stock inline six engine / manual trans - Stock wheel covers - Moulded-in bench seat (front and rear ) - Plastic Good Year wrinkle-wall slicks - Cragar S/S wheels - BOSS 429 in Pro Stock livery - Chassis has moulded-on single exhaust Did anyone here win the bid ? I'd love to build a stock 1971 Mercury Comet !
  6. Heres my Ford starliner super stock build, small slicks, seat belts, BMF, Nice kit by AMT..
  7. The 1/25 AMT "Old Pro" '72 Chevy Nova SS Pro Stock, kit #1142, is coming back:
  8. Have been very busy with life in general and less time at the bench but not out of the hubby. Here is what I am working on. It is a replica of the Nostalgia Drag Racing P/S Colt. The owner of the real car Bob Mayerle reach me to make him a model of his race car. So far this is where I am. Using spare parts and aftermarket pieces I think this can be done.
  9. I built this Monogram kit decades ago. Alas, it was sold with the rest of my collection when I moved in 2017. I knew I'd have regrets, but had to downsize. Now, I'm starting over. Monogram made some nice kits, and was my favorite brand.
  10. Heres a 67 SS Impala Outlaw I just Finished! Used slixx dragster decals, Melody Troxell I think..hope u like her..
  11. Well since I got the camaro finished I figured I might as well get started on the next one . This build will be using the match racer firebird. Id like to put more detail into this one than the last so ill be trying some new things. I got the body painted to see how I liked the color and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. Here's a teaser pic of things to come
  12. Hey all! I'm still pretty new to the model scene but have loved so far what I've seen on this forum. There's a lot of amazing talent around here and it's definitely inspiring. This is my first finished model while being a member on this forum. I always want to improve on my model building so constructive criticism is always welcome. Thanks for looking!
  13. I've been away from models for a while but have just recently got back in and couldn't be happier. This build will be using the Reher Morrison third gen camaro, but will be built a little different. I've always loved third gens and have a 1:1 of my own. I will be adding some extra details with parts from Ted's modelling marketplace. Thanks for looking!
  14. Hello Experts, amateurs, novices and you! I need help and guidance for my next build. The finished car will be a Pro-Stock 1980 Dodge Omni like the one pictured below. I know that I will need at least 2 models to complete it correctly. The stock Omni 1979 1/25 scale should suffice as the sidewinder model has fender flares and some ungodly looking front lower valance. The second model is where I need some guidance as it will be used to marry the body on that frame. I have looked at a few pro-stock model kits, but haven't found the right one that would fit the easiest without paying through the nose for a Landry model. As you know, the wheel wells of the pro-stock kit need to match the body of the stock Omni, length and width wise without too much customizing. If anyone knows those measurements or knows of a pro-stock model, that would be great. Also, is a 1/25 scale close enough to a 1/24 scale? My plan is to build the pro-stock without the body and then get the Omni body on there as close as possible. It is a personal build and not for show. Below are some of the parts that I will need to make it close to correct and "hopefully" come in a pro-stock kit already. Engine: Dodge Hemi 426/500+ HP with tunnel ram and dual 1350 Dominator carbs. Dual plug and dual distributor Wheels and tires: Centerline (or alike) Goodyear or Firestone racing slicks with skinnies up front I truly appreciate anyone's help on this project.
  15. Here is the 68 Dart the classic Red light Bandit, wired it up, ad'ed battery cables sanded slicks, this was a fun build, used the Revell hemi kit. I'll post a few more pics now that I have my cell cam set right had it on wrong mode, kept taking to big a pics.
  16. Here is the 68 Dart the classic Red light Bandit, wired it up, ad'ed battery cables sanded slicks, this was a fun build, used the Revell hemi kit. I'll post a few more pics now that I have my cell cam set right had it on wrong mode, kept taking to big a pics.
  17. any info on the Gun Fighter VI Pro stock car? any ones built here? Need a cpl ref pics, can only find one?
  18. Hello all, just finished my Motown Missile pro stock cuda, driven by Don Carlton, fun build, made a set of wheelie bars but decided not to install, early car didn't use them, has the dual distributors, I feel it came out decent,
  19. Here is the start of my 67 Impala Ss, doing it as a pro comp, mayB super Gas,
  20. Here is what I been working on between doing some chassis work for a guy from Bama. "hey its a paying build" lol, I used a tubbed chassis, 9" ford rearend, 4 link, fully cabled and wired out, with NOS lines and fuel lines, I should have takin interrior pics before I sealed her up, looks nice. hope ya like, ask anything u want, doing the Phil Bonner 64 ford Falcon next..oh,here's a pic of the headers I made for it..lol
  21. Here is what ive been working on last week or do, its a Firebird pro stock chassis and engine I'm doing for a customer from Alabama. Coming along nice, just trying to figure out how to plumb and wire the NOS bottles to the Dual Carbs to make them look sorts real, need a cpl ref pics? Any help guys?
  22. Here is my just completed 66 Nova SS pro stocker. I call the paint Electric red Candy over a Gold base coat. No, its not candy red, its a waterd down, gold/ silver mix with ol red paint, looks pretty wild up close, this is the AMT kit, with lite sponsor decals, an Ghost Flames, thanks for taking time to look at my work, means a lot.
  23. Has anyone heard anything from Rick? He is really good about answering emails and I have not heard from him about a small issue I had on an order and was hoping he is ok. It has been several months and that is just not like him. He has really nice decals and normally great customer service. I would like to order more if I know everything is alright. Thanks
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