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  1. Skip straight to paragraph 3 for model details and build progress. I purchased my first model while I was in Hobby Lobby pushing the cart around for the wife. My offspring wanted a Star Wars model. I walked down the isle to help him pick one out when a AMT 66 Nova caught my attention. Just across the isle was an assortment of little rods, tubes, thin sheet stock in various materials that I never thought of mixing in with a model. Since I don't know what moderation is I cleared out and filled up the buggy with one of everything. I got everything from an airbrush to glue that I thought was needed for scratch building a model. I built my Nova in the garage with my dad when I was a teen in the 90's. I back halfed it, built a 454 with a little nitrous and went deep 10s in it, was pretty quick back then. Fast forward a few years with college behind me and little bit of folding money in my pocket I had the itch to go faster. It was about this time that my track was asking around if anyone would be interested in bringing in new series that was quickly becoming becoming very popular, PDRA OUTLAW 10.5. After reading the rule book and talking to a fellow racer who was going enter the series with a new car (a Matco Tool dealer who at the time had a orange SN95 Mustang, Mr Stevie "Fast" Jackson). My Nova was never going to be competitive unless I cut it down to just the roof and quarters. My car was was to nice for that so I pushed it off to the corner of the shop and began to build something more deserving of that fate, a foxbody! The rules back then were very favorable to turbo setups, so to the dark side I went. I went through a total of 4 foxbodies (Jersey Barriers are just as hard as they look, and a hurricane dropped a big tree on my shop and took out number 3) I was pretty successful with them, updating them along the way as the PDRA and 10.5W tires stepped out of favor to drag radials and the greatest race promoter ever, Mr Ducky X. Cars 3 and 4 went to the front when my transmission builder told me to blow some Co2 into a new torque converter design that he was working on with his converter guys.The Proline stage 2.5 mill was estamated to be producing over 5,000 HP with its PTE promod gen 2 102mm turbos when it ran deep in the 3.8's at a slow 220 MPH. I was able to come pretty close to matching that MPH the following season.... sliding across the beams on my roof. The ET took a big hit, along with two vertebrae in my back, my tibia and fibula, collar bone, some ribs, a punctured lung and while I didn't break my neck it's bothersome too. I left the hospital after a long couple of weeks in a hospital gown with my bare butt hanging out the back. I parted out my entire race program and I've only piloted 1 fast car early last year after I was almost completely recovered. The seat and belts were molded and setup for a driver much shorter than me. I didn't wiggle and sinche hard enough when strapping in and when the car left I was pulled pretty far back into the seat and when the laundry launched it threw me hard into the belts that were mounted well below my shoulders and compressed my back so hard that it broke the bolts loose in my L4-L5 vertebrae. I played it off since fast>walking and made 2 more passes until I was knocked out in round 1. This little plastic AMT Chevrolet is the race car I always wanted but never had the heart to cut up and build. I can't use much of my Nova for reference because it still has my old booger welded back half and cage, an old bolt in Mustang II hot rod style front subframe, an HRE 427" LSX, a big Whipple charger, and syncroless T-56 because rowing through the gears without using the clutch pedal is fun. It's not quick because it just wads up the 14" slicks, but it's a fun street car. I still have chassis #3 which is a double frame rail with the connected mid plate and firewall. Model Details and plans: High Ambitious I'm going to build the car in 2 stages. Stage 1 is not going to use any aftermarket parts. I don't think I can learn the fundamentals of scratch building if I just glue a bunch of aftermarket parts into it. I'm using CAD to help me get started, as I've completley tore down and rebuilt the entire chassis 3 times now without it. I still have to cut off and redo a couple of things now, but nothing too much. The suspension is fully functional, as in the chassis separates a full 5mm when rotating the pinion back. The front doesn't work very as of yet because I'm still trying to figure out what fluid I can safely use and properly valve the shocks. Right now the shocks are working on friction for testing. The front struts don't have any pistons in them and it's just sitting on some hard springs to maintain the minimal 3" ride height during construction. I'll shorten the shafts and affix them to the chassis with a more appropriate spring as the build gets closer to completion. I'm going to detail kits small block with the tunnel ram. My 40 Ford coupe deluxe has an old 350 in it with a Wieand tunnel ram. When phase 2 starts I'll pull the engine and reserve it for a future build of it. The transmission is a Reid case M&M turboglide, my first attempt to carve one out of miliput wasn't very convincing. Phase I progress:
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