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Found 11 results

  1. Built 1962 chevy impala custom rat wagon started with 62 convertible used the custom top from dodge deora,hubcaps from 57 cameo ,built curbside ,did some weather on it also
  2. 32 Ford Jet Rod - Hover car

    32 Ford Jet Rod - Hover car This was fun. I loved working on this car. At some point I had to stop adding new gadgets and stop with the weathering, and just call it complete. This turned out so much better than I had originally planned. This car went through 4 different paint schemes over the past 6 months. Red and white was my original vision, but I was afraid that the red wouldn't show well with the rust. I was wrong, it turned out great. The front turbines have a slight up/down, side to side movement. The rear side thrusters can also be moved slightly. I borrowed a lot of parts from a lot of different kits. Most notable was the front chin spoiler from a 71 Hemi Cuda that I used for the front visor. The front turbines were from a A-10 Warthog 1/44 scale kit that I got for under $7! There's a flight computer under the hood, made from a Ford Raptor navigation system. I even looked through some of my sons Gundam models and found some cool canisters that look like they hold Nitrous. They're really difficult to see, but if you look thru the "driver's" window, they're down low where the driver's right hand would be. I love adding little details that you have to search for. Great kit! Was a blast to work on. Hope you like it!
  3. Mike Partyka's Rat Rod

    So here is a project that I'm working on its Mike Partyka's Rat Rod - I chose this particular rat rod as I thought trying my had at drawing rust would be fun and challenging - So far the rust is looking pretty good - here is a question - its getting a rusted look on a model challenging ? With colour pencils its a definate learning process, starting with the light browns and oranges and going darker where needed. But I'm happy - below are the rust details
  4. Hello everyone Inspired by all of your awesome builds, and the latest Mad Max film, I'm gonna bash TWO 32 Ford 5-Window Coupes together and see what I come up with. Planning to use the deep steelies from the AMT Dodge Monaco all around, along with fat MPC-issue Blue Streak Dragway Specials up front, and mega fat Firestones (Revell J-2000/Beretta Pro Street kits) at the rear. Started off by joining the two Hemi beasts together.
  5. 1957 Chevrolet Barn Rod

    I have seen a video somewhere on Youtube that gave me inspiration for building this. I was going to use a scrapped 1/24, but decided to go bigger and doubting on 1/16, I chose 1/12 in the end. I had a partial built '57 sportscoupe laying around and other than just parting it out, I had nowhere to go with that kit. An ideal start. The idea is to make a kind of Rat Rod, but different. Where I personally think that unibody's don't lend themselves for RatRodding, I am trying to prove myself wrong, although I will not leave the body intact. I hope the pictures will make it more clear. I started with cutting of the sides of the frame Then I cut the body in somewhat uneven parts (to give it a Barn Rod look) I also gave it somewhat a tapered look, so smaller in the front. And some much needed reinforcements
  6. Ford 31 Model A RatRod

    Hi guys, as I finished early my job yesterday, I went (again :0) to my hobby store buy a new kit.... I finally bought a Ford 31 Model A "Ratrod" which doesn't looks like a ratrod on the box!! When I first got home, I told my wife I won't open the box until we come back from vacation ( 2 weeks in Japan, we leave tomorrow..). Unfortunately, someone (me) could not resist to "just" have a look... At the end, here is what I did..Lol Quick Mockup for you guys, Adjustment has to be done on the roof, and I cut the frame in 3 pieces. Now I am wondering if you won't make a new frame from scratch?! Thanks Acegarage Guy for is tutorial on Zeed Frame. Thanks for watching
  7. Hi guys, I just got a Ford 31 Model A this morning, and I would like to make a Ratrod of it. But before I cut, I would like you check if my cut lines are correct. 1st is the frame: As you can see, I marked the vertical lines where the firewall starts and the wheel arch at the back starts as well, and I marked the 45 degres lines than I will cut to make the zeed frame. Are those two 45 degres cut are correct? At the front, is it a problem if the cut is right after the engine "stand'? for the back, is that gonna be a problem for the floor? 2nd is the chopping roof: I applied tape around the body, the cut lines are the edges on both side of the tape, is it correct? I am sure I will have more questions as I go further in the project. thank you for your time. Mickael.
  8. Its been a long time I post anything on the forum, but this is my latest model, the Texaco 50 Chevy pickup as a Rat Rod. Enjoy
  9. I wanted to give a heads up to all Tennessee and surrounding areas of this event. Looks like the Knoxville HobbyTown will be donating some prizes for best models! No entry fee, so come on and bring as many models as you want! Thanks for reading
  10. Well I decided to play around with this kit. This is my 3 one ever and my first scratch built. Decided to ditch the nose hood front and rear fenders, chop the top and bagged. Lets see how it goes.