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  1. To me the 1941 Willys is the best looking gasser. I have seen a ton of pics online and just love the way they look. I plan on getting one down the road to build and I'm looking at the Reveal Big John Mazmanian 1941 Willys. Show me what you have, what brand, and what year.
  2. Gestation happened in my Monogram Ferrari 275P vintage kit review thread. I started by barely tacking the engine together and onto the chassis pan. Measured and drew plans to figure out where to chop and modify. I thought cutting down the engine components would help, and considering the way Revell engineered it, nobody would notice. Each surface was filed down before reassembling with just a little more glue, but still can separate to paint. Cut apart the plenum, air filter and canister part. Sawed off the engine bay sides. I sawed, and in some cases scribed and broke apart the chassis pan. The suspension is really non-existent, lower A-arms were easy to relocate. The back has been narrowed. Shortened the pan behind the front axle line. I glued all this with regular toxic Testors glue, and Flex-i-file liquid cement, much like welding. That way if I needed to adjust, could pull apart, and I could squirm it around for adjustment (supergluing does not allow this). I used the Dremel with this bit for everything, here I just removed the edge of the pan. I really cut apart the interior tub, with a saw, and filed down and straightened the cuts. I needed to keep this as a separate piece, for being able to get the struts in later. I tacked parts onto the pan, but welded all together as I went. I adjusted my plan as needed, kept the tunnel which will need some modification to the chrome trim part. I really like the tunnels, so cut off the rear body part, made several saw cuts. Front of the pan was sawed off, some Dremel grinding to shape, real rough at this time. But it all fits in great, and don't need an engine hump! Thinking of how to add fender flares, simple round bumps most likely. Still need to shorten front axles. Modified the rear, decided to keep the original grills, but going to be modified at the bottom, and will be mesh. Drilled holes for the Mondial taillights, have also done for the headlights. The valance edge will be refined later. I was going to have the exhausts exit through holes similar to the Mondial, but it will be easier (I hope) to direct down from the mufflers into the tunnels, and then back. Now I need to leave it alone, so the cement will cure. I discovered the body is twisted, so need to consider how to straighten with strategic body mounts using screws. The fender flares will be fun. Interior should have simple door panels, and dashboard. Need to figure out the radiator in front, thinking laid almost flat, with channels exiting before the wheels. Then when all that is done, cut off the engine lid, and then will need to fabricate chassis box thingies and framework continued from the engine part. Two more radiators in back, modify the body ducts. Then exhaust pipes. Then seats, I got some cool aftermarket units at the DSC show. Color, Ferrari red with a pearl overcoat. Dann will hate that.
  3. Dug out this stalled build which was started in 2013. At that time, adapted the wheels, set the ride height and got all the parts cleaned up and that's when I stopped working on it. Got the body out last year for prep and a coat of surfacer, then stopped working on it again. This time im going to try get it complete. The kit. As per usual my favourite wheels. Parts are all good to go, just need a wash and then paint. Makes me laugh they have been in this container for 8 years. Box stock chassis. Separated the x part of the frame so the join line could be cleaned up properly. Reason for that will come about later. Modified the oob inlet manifold to have a dual carb set up. And a surfacer wheel mock. Got some nice warm summer days all week, so fingers crossed I can get the usual black paint applied.
  4. Just finished this Revell kit, I enjoyed it very much. I admit I'm a masochist in that I enjoy decaling and this car has a lot of them! Curbside, low parts count, I see more of these on my bench in the near future. Comments welcome, thanks for looking.
  5. We've seen images of the old '50s and '60s era molds Revell had stored in their Illinois warehouse, some (many?) of which Atlantis Models acquired. They have begun to share publicly exactly what they acquired, starting with this mold for the Revell Douglas D558-2 Skyrocket: Let the automotive model related speculation and hopes begin.
  6. I didn't find any existing reviews of the 1/25 Revell Dodge Ram VTS Pickup concept truck, so here's a look at the contents of the 2012 "Trucks" reissue: https://modelkitreviews.proboards.com/thread/1583/revell-dodge-ram-vts-pickup I wish Revell would've included more accurate wheels and tires, too, but they got close: I've always liked this kit and felt it was a shame Revell chose not to release additional variants. A stock 4x4 would've been welcome, and/or an extended cab version, too, but maybe the glut of pickup kits on the market at the time (and from Revell alone) meant there was only so much budgeted for the Dodge. I think this kit is worth picking up if you like this bodystyle, as I think Revell captured the overall look very well. You're mostly on your own if you use this kit as a starting point, but there was a 4x4 conversion set available from Perry's Resin long ago, so keep your eyes peeled on eBay or at shows.
  7. Found this on the Revell store site. Dec 2013 ? Release Merry Christmas LOL
  8. Here’s my McLaren 570S from Revell Germany. This kit was more of a challenge than I expected with tons of tiny parts and decals. The fit was pretty good but final assembly was very finicky to get it all to line up correctly. As I read from other builders here, the carbon fiber decals did not want to cooperate so I left them off after the roof decal tore. Also, my kit was missing a headlight lense despite it being a new, sealed kit so I left the other off. RofG is sending me a free replacement part but it will take weeks; I’ll add them on when I get it. Body is the bare molded-in-color plastic with two coats of Future, with Tamiya XF-56 metallic gray as the accent and wheel color. Brake calipers and valve covers are X-12 gold leaf. Interior is flat black Krylon with the bare gray plastic for the seats. Despite the challenges it was a fun build and I’m happy with my results!
  9. My take on the '77 Pontiac Trans Am Bandit Resto-mod styled after Year One version. Mostly built out of the box with exception I added the round fog lights in the front bumper and removed the square ones in the lower air-intake. Added brass mesh in the side fender vents. Removed the molded in AC lines and made my own detail. Wheels are the kit Snowflakes inserted into Pegasus small aluminum sleeves. Trans Am and Bird decals are from Keith Marks, which are outstanding! Paint is all Duplicolor spray can with 4-polished clear coats, must say it's flawless smooth
  10. Tamiya paint TS-35 park green, Aoshima wheels with centre's painted H.O.K white. Stock grill replaced with mesh. smoked headlights and tail lights with Tamiya x-19.
  11. Revell's Mercedes Benz 190 SL, silly to add "Roadster" because the SL was always a roadster. ? I've had a wild hair to get one, found a decent priced re-issue on feeBay, so *had to* get it. Price was good because tires are missing, but I have plans for it. Searched, did not find that anyone had built it, prove me wrong. Picture on Scalemates: I know this is based on the 300 SL, but sort of what I'm thinking of. I see the Fujimi 1/24 Mercedes Benz SLK 230 Sports Version Model Kit 12524 is a modern version, and Tamiya made one, but both lack an engine, correct? An alternative would be a Skyline aftermarket engine. Just throwing ideas out seeing what will catch inspiration. I'll post pictures of the kit when the time comes. ,
  12. Well. Where to begin... I’ve heard numerous horror stories about this kit. They’re all true. In the spirit of putting positive vibes into the universe for 2021 I’ll say 3 nice things about this kit: 1. M.C. Escher didn’t draw the instructions. 2. Salvador Dali wasn’t commissioned for the box art. 3. With patience, care, a little know-how and a prescription for Xanax, it really does build up nicely. I reworked every single hinge (and there’s no shortage of them). The original tabs on the deck lid were gaudy, so they had to go. I filled the square holes left behind in the body and mounted a “swinging” hinge with 2 C mounts and a pin beneath the lid, run through tube stock that I reshaped i to an oval mounted to the underside of the lip of the trunk. I repinned the hinges on the hood because once the grille was mounted the fit was too tight for the hood to tilt forward. With the top up, there was a dip where the two-piece roof came together, so I beefed that up with newly fabricated hinges that “snap” into place when I want the top up and will only fold down when “unsnapped.” I did the same with the folding, two-piece deck lid. The biggest problem I encountered was actually glueing the dogged thing together. I tried every model glue in the arsenal, but nothing seemed to want to bond the soft, salmon-colored goo of which this kit is cast. 90% of this sucker is held together with 5 minute epoxy. I added a few details under the hood and went with the wheels from the AMT ‘63 Galaxie for no good reason other than I like the looks of them better. Then paint is TS-21 Gold and TS-11 Maroon with a shot of Tamiya Pearl Clear over the maroon then Testors Wet Look clear over the whole enchilada. Trim is BMF. Thank you for looking. Comments, tips, pointers, critiques, questions and conversation are always welcome. Namaste ?
  13. Painted with some auto touch up grey, interior is done with Humbrol reds. I lost interest in this when the decals disintegrated on me. Today I decided I either needed to finish it or toss it, so here it is finished! Box stock except for tires and wheels. Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed. This is my 4th for the year!
  14. Just a simple 4x4 build to cleanse the palate. Box stock plus a distributor. Colors are Testor’s White Lightning/Wet Look clear and Tamiya AS-19 Intermediate Blue/semigloss clear. Grill and bumpers are Alclad High Gloss Aluminum. Thanks for looking. As always, comments, critiques, questions and conversation are welcome.
  15. Hi all! I would like to show you my latest build - Kit from Revell GMC Pickup with snow plow but built in civil version. Initial kit is pure on interior details and in engine bay. It required a lot of improvements and parts manufacturing from scratch. Some of the extеrior parts were machined from aluminum. Aftermarket was also used. For interior I machined door panels. Wooden finish decals were user from the equal Chevy 4x4 kit. Steering wheel whom Chevy SS kit but restyled to GMC shape. Pedals, gear selector are scratched. Chassis were detailed with wire, bolts and brake lines, steering gear also added. Engine detailed with scratched parts and aftermarket. Body painted in two colors an finished with 2k clear cote. Please have a look on a results and hope you enjoy it..
  16. Hey! I'm looking for vintage Revell Chopper kit. Complete or just a box is also enough. Thanks ? (Image borrowed from internet) -Olli
  17. Found this kit at a flea market not to long ago. To my surprise it's complete other than a decal sheet if it came with one. Was wondering if anyone has any information or interest in this kit. Can't find any for sale on eBay Is it rare or has been reproduced in the recent past? Thanks!
  18. BeakDoc

    Ferrari Enzo

    I decided to stray from my comfort zone to try my hand at a supercar. Really a nicely done kit, cut to tight tolerances. The whole way through the build I was worried that it was going to turn out looking awful. In the end, I’m tickled with the finished product. It’s pretty far from perfect but pretty from afar. Built straight outta box. Color is Tamiya Bright Orange w/ Testor’s Wet Look.
  19. After five years, it is done! I started this one back on January 15, 2015 and just now got it done August 7th of this year. Painted Testors White Lightening with wet look clear, interior is Tamiya TS-69 linoleum brown, straight out of the box. Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed.
  20. Here are some photos of a recent commission build of a Spitfire by Revell in 1:32 scale. Its a straight out of the box build using Tamiya paints. Very nice kit, well detailed and relatively simple to build. Thanks Chris www.wardsmodelbuilder.com wardsmodelbuilder@outlook.com
  21. Haven't posted much on this one until now. I wanted to add a 69 Charger 500 to my Chargee shelf. Looked at the old MPC kit and thought to myself, how much trouble would it be to use a Revell kit for one? Went digging thru my stash, found Charger Daytona kit that I had held for something, found an extra 68 Charger. Cut the fenders off each and swapped the 68 fenders onto the Charger Daytona body. Alittle putty, primer, paint and clear looked good. Got it out last night to foil trim and noticed that the putty had sank into the holes that i had filled and putty for the Daytwing. Grabbed some water and sandpaper and then some wax and polished it up and looked great. Then I noticed more texture in the paint so tried the same thing, water sanded and waxed but broke thru. Had to scuff and repaint it. Hope it looks alright in the morning. Haven't posted much on this one until now. I wanted to add a 69 Charger 500 to my Chargee shelf. Looked at the old MPC kit and thought to myself, how much trouble would it be to use a Revell kit for one? Went digging thru my stash, found Charger Daytona kit that I had held for something, found an extra 68 Charger. Cut the fenders off each and swapped the 68 fenders onto the Charger Daytona body. Alittle putty, primer, paint and clear looked good. The old MPC grille fit into the surround of the 68 grille. Got it out last night to foil trim and noticed that the putty had sank into the holes that i had filled and putty for the Daytwing. Grabbed some water and sandpaper and then some wax and polished it up and looked great. Then I noticed more texture in the paint so tried the same thing, water sanded and waxed but broke thru. Had to scuff and repaint it. Hope it looks alright in the morning.
  22. Here's another one that I have started to prep. I found a picture years ago of a White 67 GTX and fell in love with it. So, I have been planning on building a replica of it but, never got around to it. I didn't know what to do for the strips since the kit only comes with black so I taped them up and painted them. Not perfect but will do.
  23. I thought it was a good idea at the time. Boy did I learn. Building 2 of the same car at the same time is not for me. There wasn't any real problems, it was just too tedious for my liking. I ended um building them both close to box stock. I did swap out the intakes and carbs for something out of the parts box. I painted the front sway bars different. One got a red one, the other yellow. The RS has black headers and the standard gold has white headers. The RS has Goodyears the other has Michelins. Both have black interior trimmed with chrome and simulated wood. I only had one side mirror so the gold car has one from the parts box. Both cars are trimmed out with my home brew of BMF. During the builds, I ran out of my usual Testors flat black. So I hopped over to the hobby shop and they were out. I thought I'd give the acrylics a go so I bought flat black, flat white, gloss yellow, gloss red, gloss brown and gloss white. the steering wheels are painted with the brown. I am pretty pleased with how they turned out. I hope you like them. Thanks for looking
  24. Here is a 1/25 scale Revell 1949 mercury that I did recently. Headlights and street light are LED with scratch built background and street lamp. The phone booth is from Doozy. Posters are downloaded from the web and are all from 1972, as is the licence plate. The original plan was to do a replica of the Badlands film car, but it looked to dull in plain black Painted with Mostly MIG & Vallejo acrylics + hairspray/salt and Oil weathering.
  25. Slotto

    Porsche 914

    After all the trouble with broke, missing and warped parts I'm finally able to call this one done. Although I am still missing a front turn signal lens, she will be on my display shelf until one turns up. This was a fun little project to get me back into the hobby after a 3 year hiatus. Thanks for looking!
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