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Found 6 results

  1. Hey, everyone!, I havent posted in quite a while, and because i've been on a SBing frenzy, i ran out of alot of supplies which are now delayed because of strange weather. I do however, have enough supplies to mess about building my own hyper car. I decided to take ideas from many of my favorite cars, and incorperate them into one design. My initial inspiration is from early Porsche LeMans cars, and its been evolving from there. As you can see, it has a VERY aggressive German industrial look, so it needed a good, aggressive name to match, and thats when i came up with; Blitzkrieg (an aggressively swift victory) -on the streets. This car would be Wahnsinnig if it were real!! Its designed to use 15 types of CF...is AWD, and is powered by an AMG Quad-turbo V10. I think the body is pretty close to being done, but i'm just letting it evolve....still have the tailights to make.
  2. Hello there peeps! First of all, let me introduce myself - I am Mihai, from Romania and I'm 24. I was in love with cars ever since I was a small cellular body - looking at them, drawing them, memorizing names, reading technical books before i even knew how to read because the technical drawings seemed fascinating to me, you name it. But, like every kid from Eastern Europe, annoyed by my parents answering the question "Can I have that nice, expensive model car?" with "No", I decided to start building my own models - at the age of 6. Initially build out of cardboard boxes and wheels from plastic bottles, they eventually evolved and started to look more realistic. Long story short, I made model cars when I was young, and now I'm trying to recapture that tranquillity, but at a more advanced level and out of plastic. So now, a Dacia what? You might, or might not heard about Dacia, our national car manufacuter that started out building copies (licenced copies) of Renaults in the late '60, only to eventually be brought entirely by Renault in 1999 and becoming a successful manufacturer in Europe based on their low-cost no-frills motors. The Dacia Nova is a model entirely created by the romanian automotive engineering highness - it was supposed to become the successor of the aging Dacia 1310 (Renault 12), with a more modern layout and configuration. But the development was slow, and with emerging economical restrictions from Ceasescu's Regime in the late '80, the project was delayed, taking almost 10 years to become a reality. It started in '85 and was launched in a democratic Romania in 1995, looking heavily outdated. But the quirkiness of the car and the stories of the struggle always fascinated me, and with the mk1 having a Renault 11/Peugeot 309 look - with the wrap-around hatch window and 80s black plastic trim, I always had a soft spot for this shitbox. So, here are some pictures of the car as it is, I didn't made pictures from the start because I didn't anticipated that I will share anything until it was somewhat finished. It is build from 1mm Forex PVC sheet and 0.5mm HIPS (styrene) sheet so far, indeed - having no previous experience of plastic modelling, the ticknesses are a bit over the top, but it's ok so far. Also, I have a ton of questions for the community and feedback would be appreciated! Thx
  3. Hello everybody. I've been building models since I was about 8 or 9. I am now 26. My model builds have been mostly out of box and maybe a little kit bashing occasionally. I was wondering what would be some good ideas for ways I can expand from just building out of box. Please keep in mind that I don't have a lot of money or resources. There are not too many hobby shops in my area. Hobby lobby is perhaps the closest and Hobbytown USA is almost 50 miles away.
  4. I picked up this kit for $40 dollars Australian. It had been "started" but not much had been done. I decided that I wanted a kit to practice my scratch building skills on, because I had been attempting to scratch bulid an Australian TD Gemini, and reached the limit of my skills and so figured I'd try to fix a kit up, and also in a larger scale so I could get used to making things in a bigger scale before aiming again at completing the 1/25 scale project. So the bandai kit is very basic. I refuse to say bad, because I think you get what you pay for most of the time, and I was prepared in advance. And it was what I was looking for anyway. The kit is simple, with a number of engine parts, a couple of body parts, and a lot of intenal mechanics for a battery powered motor, and moveable steering. Here is the engine gearbox etc. broken down from the attempted assembly. So of course after fiddling with the parts etc, I started to research. I won't bore you with the details, except to say that it took a few weeks to gather enough material together to start. I found an excalibur on a flickr account and was able to get a very good selection of reference photos. I learned that the excalibur series 1 was based around the Chevy 327/350 engine, a homemade frame strengthened from the original Dart frame to accommodate the 327/350 Chevy small block, and some had super chargers etc. And I found heaps of material on the Chevy small block engine First thing was to cut the engine/gearbox/oil pan up completely to get it in a position that I could start to re engineer it to look something like a chevy small block. Then starting with the oil pan I glued it back together reinforcing the inner seam I added end pieces to fill in the gaps created by cutting the one piece moldings up And then using a scratch builders best friend, copious amounts of filling and sanding to create something that vaguely looks like a late 60s oil pan. This is a good example of the challenge I face, as I'd like the model represent a story, but I obviously can't make it like it came out of the factory as a lot of cars in the production line were custom made, some with super chargers, some with bigger engines and oil pans, fuel pumps etc, so I have to balance out all the possible variations as much as possible. And I don't have the super references of just one car to do that. So for example with the oil pan, I am working on the approach that the model will represent some one doing the best they can to restore an excalibur back to as close as factory spec as possible, hence the aim of changing the oil pan back to a "traditional" late 60's shape. I will aim as I develop parts to replicate them as best I can. In a future post you will see that for the fuel pump, instead of using the useless blob in the kit, i scratch built one. But based on the fact the water pumps don;t often last 50 years, I have found an Edelbrock water pump suitable for the 350 Chevy small block that is in a more traditional style with the strengthening vanes around the pulley housing as opposed to the excalibur in my reference photo's that has a modern flat, sleek looking water pump, which seems a little out of place for me. Anyway I hope it makes sense as I go along, and I'd appreciate all and any comments at any time.
  5. Sixties Sam pointed out the lack of a gas tank on my go-kart. I had intended to build one, but it got lost in the details and I failed to do so. So now, to do things absolutely backwards, I will be doing a WIP after the under glass post which can be found here: http://www.modelcars...showtopic=46225 A translucent white plastic tank would probably be more appropriate, but I had the look of metal in my mind, so that's what it will be. I will also add a bit more detail, so the plan is as follows: 1. gas tank, filler cap and mounting platform 2. brake line and master cylinder 3. fuel line 4. throttle cable and carb linkage 5. added support for muffler (kinda hangs out in the air a bit ) 6. digital panel on the steering wheel with control wire going to electronic module 7. (in consideration) front sheet metal panel over steering shaft with spyder decal. (very scarry) First off, a platform was designed to fit between the frame rails. Small diameter tubing was cut in half to provide a saddle mount. Here's how it sits in front of the steering mount upright. for the tank itself, a couple of small chunks of styrene were carved into a basic shape and then wrapped with sheet styrene. here's the basic components fit into place I used a bit too much Ambroid to assemble the tank and ended up with a couple of dents, so some body work was required to straighten it out. A few coats of putty and gray Plastikote primer got it back into shape. Then it was wet sanded with 600 grit and shot with some craft store chrome. The hole in the top is for the filler cap. You can also see in this picture that I've started on a red anodized brake line. go
  6. Started this one about a year ago using an AMT 29 Ford roadster kit I picked up at the 09 Kustom Kemps Lead Sled Spectacular in Salina, Ks. After a year of off and on building, she's finally done. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't very good today, so I had to settle for some indoor shots with less than ideal lighting. I appreciate everyones interest that followed along with my WIP. It can be seen here: http://www.modelcars...showtopic=22135
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