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Found 46 results

  1. 56 studebaker 2 dr sedan from time machine resin, i put a #9 dodge chassie and engine under it. painted sand beige over dark garnet red metalic. thanx for lookin
  2. 55 chevy stepside pickup sitting on 78 gmc 4x4 pickup complete chassie. shortened frame about 1/4 inch, removed tanks at frame and made not as long, reattached in line with new cab on oppsite sides so tanks were taller in front. added some build up under back of cab and front of bed. never been a 4x4 guy, but this i would smile to drive. thanx finished build 11/2/2019
  3. 59 caddy fleetwood 4 door caddy complete to start. warp real bad in front, rest not bad, but im goona cutter up. seen this kinda nomad wagon at the good guys del mar show. a monogram 57 nomad is my donor kit since im only using the fleetwood body. here goes my first 3 daz. not sure what i want to do with the wwindsheild yet. took to much out of tailgate in the beginning, then couldnt find the strip i cut out of it.
  4. amt 36 ford front and bottom, fenders, chassie joined to amt ford panel delivery upper body, interior
  5. 55 chevy panel truck built 8/19/16, 55 chevy nomad interior and chassie, 396 duel turbo motor from parts box. 57 chevy suburban built 7/22/17, on everything else is a built parts bag model escalade with some tweeking. both bodies were flintstone i got 7/11/14 thanx for looking
  6. 25 ford double kit rerelease, chopped body with hump removed, bed has been shortened, jag rear and engine, 29 ford pickup most of frame, painted candy lime green. thanx enjoy
  7. 60 ford pickup shortbox, starmodel resin, artic white over daytona yellow, added ford parts box motor, dodge dakota tires and wheels i believe, built 6/13/16, 60 chevy fleetwood pickup, rereleased kit, italian red over nickel, added red wall tires, built 6/14/10
  8. had a pic i came across some years ago of a 36 ford panel id never seen before, or since. used amt 36 ford coupe fenders and bottom of body and 37 amt ford panel upper and rear. thanx, enjoy
  9. 41 ford front, matranga rear body, 48 ford wide body fender fill ins, 48 ford interior, 62 thunderbird chassis and floor. thanx for interest
  10. started with a junk built body of a 32 ford sedan orange crate, and a built 32 chevy cabriolet(red), and unbuilt white 32 chevy cabriolet. cut the top off the unbuilt chevy, and the bottom off the ford. then shortened the ford back portion and sat on red chevy for a look see. enjoy. back in box for now, problem is i built more than one project at a time and when i get more excited about 1, it gets all the attention. body of red built became a truck. thanx enjoy cuttin um up, build your visions
  11. my combo: top of dirt track amt 36 sedan and bottom of 37 chevy coupe. verses big donkey dirt track body resin. start of anyway, a toss out there. both can be a work in progress
  12. 48 ford convert body with 41 ford woody front, parts box interior(comet maybe) and 69 camero chassie. thanx built 8-13-19
  13. trumpeter 60 pontiac and amt 59 el comino. built in 5-25-14
  14. friend gave me this vw promo body only that had a broken front fender. i had been to a show and seen one with the fenders removed and chopped. chopping one of these can get really tricky. decided to put a corvair engine. enjoy built middle of 2017
  15. started a built bag kit, not painted, and a picture for curiousity if. 37 chevy coupe kit, resin 38 grille conversion. built 3/8/17 thanx for lookin, enjoy
  16. took a 49 merc woody kit and a front from a 49 ford coupe, then i had a resin 51 ford i hadnt built yet so i molded and made me a 51 grille, use the alumilite mini casing kit. whalla, i make relief cuts here and there sometimes to widen, flatten, shift and narrow. enjoy, ford has another idea. built on 2/26/17
  17. 48 lincoln continental and 48 ford coupe chopped version mix.
  18. resin 59 nash from star model. cut out front wheel to shape of 66 nova. thanx damodelguy in fotki built 3/8/17
  19. 36 ford coupe i decided to chop. back in the day when resin was not in my pocket book at all. just worked on a vision, how would i do this. i like using super glue for fill, leaves what you did visiable when you take them to the project table, b4 painting starts.
  20. resin 56 plymouth fury from starmodel. i had a jada 06 camaro given to me by a fellow modeler micheal. was sitting near the 56 body i had gotten out of the box and was thinking of building. the wheel wells looked close, and were right there, so i was off and running. if i could get it to start, thought i might take it to goodguys to run the road course. it has the complete interior, motor and chassie under that resin body. lot of tweeking to get that body to slid over all the way. for those real techs that analyze, i build models that are different, and look sharp sitting on the shelf with the other 500 plus displayed. been doing it since i was a kid and really enjoy building 1960 and older. thanx damodelguy in fotki
  21. 36 ford sedan, 36 coupe front and lower body and vantastic complete roof and rear section extended. had to add some body lines back to back lower rear i like using super glue for fill, leaves what you did visiable when you take them to the project table, b4 painting starts. this kit was over 3 years or so, painted the body a dark green metallic in the beginning. used the vantastic front with a old bag kit 40 ford pickup
  22. when your just thinkin, what if. havnt built a galaxie 46-48 chevy kit yet, had to cut up first one i guess. bed from 41 chevy kit with some molding details removed. thanx, enjoy
  23. this got started in nov of 17, picked up here and there, now were rolling. 48 lincoln continental, linberg kit, combined with the chopped version of the 48 ford coupe. enjoy, thanx
  24. promo 56 pontiac 4 door, had some warp. took out warp, cut out rear and put dodge dakota bed and rear of roof.
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