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Found 6 results

  1. Finally, only 18 years after I attended the the GSL-18 in 2001. This was a stage in my life, when my wife had a monthly show on the local cable access channel, I learned to shoot video, and edit and produce, got so burnt out among other reasons, have not done anything since. Hope you enjoy this, some people are no longer with us.
  2. As many of you know my favorite place to go for all things airbrush is Coast Air Brush in Anaheim, Ca(yea, just across the 5 from Disneyland). Just about any time anyone here has a question about an airbrush, I refer them to Coast and there is a reason. These guys know what they are doing and can explain it. I am not trying to push a retailer or their product but here is a live feed that they do from time to time with a bunch of different techniques. About half way through they show Createx paints being used on car models. You all may find it interesting. Moderators: Please remove the post if it doesn't meet guidelines. Thanks!
  3. hi guys, im getting heavy into my diorama with ideas that come into my head, i actually enjoy making stuff for my "i wish i had the money for this garage and cars in real life" diorama haha anyways i made a video to share my hobby and to help others, its a 40x48 pallet, weather with a torch and made of popsicle sticks and other little sticks with a bit of time ive created something i finally am accoplished with, i hope to help another member out.. total cost of build- about $4..and that will make alot of pallets (i was on short supply of materials in video) total time to build- 10-15 minutes, with weathering if i get enough intrrest i will be sure to make more videos on DIY stuff
  4. This is a good video from GM about manufacturing in the 1930's. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvpqIhI31kI I found it fascinating.
  5. Hey all, New to the forum, but PoweredPlay Gaming just created a new LED Lighting Kit that works well for headlights, under-glow and a range of other effects. Hhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbZXfectFkY. Still need to finish the paint striping, grill work and bumpers. You can find the kits on Kickstarter, or follow the link at www.PoweredPlay.net/Kickstarter.
  6. Well since I built like around 60 for the year, it was better to do a video then post all the pics, please that the picture quality went way down for some reason, they are somewhat on the blurry side, I will have to redo the video at a later date , and yes I did get carried away the video Here is the 2012 builds album, no blurry pics http://s1000.photobucket.com/albums/af125/nascar49/2012%20Builds/ http://youtu.be/9LgxBClXQfA
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