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Found 37 results

  1. 1978 VW SCIROCCO

    Built this nice VW. Goes together well just need to take your time and test everything just like older AMT’s need to. Paint by model master lacquers. Thanks!
  2. Vintage 68 VW Hover Car

    I started another hover car. It needs a clever name. I'm all ears if anyone has a good suggestion. Vintage 68 Hover Bug........ This started out as a hover race craft. I envisioned bright graphics like you'd see on a formula 1. If you guys have seen any of my other posts, you'll know that my finished models usually look quite a bit different than what I begin with. Styrene shavings and cat hair for that " just finished a race look" I added some fins on the top, cut from another VW Bug's rear trunk lid. I wanted it to have a lowered stance while in flight. I had pictured a black, white and red racing graphics with racing numbers and sponsor decals. I imagined it as if it had just finished a race. Heavy soot from the turbines. Grease and oil on the engines. Maybe a little damage from other hover race craft. The fins on the top, direct air into the rear engine cover via hinged vents. I remember as a teenager, the cool VW Bugs at my high school always had their rear hood lifted for air cooling. Similar thing here, except the vents lead to some massive air intakes on the back of the engines. I got stalled at this point on the graphics and decals. I spent weeks trying to come up with race style graphics. Was I going to use decals? How am I going to get good paint lines with multiple colors? This was all out of my zone. So I started looking into vintage style...... I'll be painting the inner rims bright red. The center caps will be chrome. The front will have white painted similar to the rear white walls. I will be weathering it. It's a daily flier! Slight rust. Slight paint fade. Dirt in the crevasses. Soot. Good stuff.
  3. I had a yellow '77 Golf mk1, years ago. It wasn't a GTi, but it was a great car. As a little break from '50's chrome, I've changed tack and given this a go. My plan is to slam it, widen the track and flare the arches. Paint will be old and a bit faded, like mine was and I'll stickerbomb it in a couple of places. Got the engine done today. It built up really well. Nice to build a kit with modern tooling. I added a basic fuel injection system and weathered it a bit.
  4. Revell T3 Westfalia times slightly different Hello colleagues! Greetings from Oldenburg! Today I would like to introduce you to my modified T 3 Westfalia. It's supposed to represent a demilitarized T 3. Sure, there was no camping equipment in the Bundeswehr, you're right. I came to the idea a few years ago when I was still a member of the T3-Club. Here in Oldenburg there is a T3 Wetsfalia, whose owner has rolled the bus completely into Nato-olive. Looked quite extraordinary. I then asked Alex what it was all about and he told me that he likes to ride in nature and watch animals and also film. With his T3, he has everything to go to certain places late at night, to be on the spot so early in the morning. And with the color, his bus would not be noticed. I thought the idea was good, but I gave the bus a slightly different story. I made all the decals myself. I thought it was different. I hope you like the bus. Have fun watching. Greetings from Jan
  5. Nick Of Time

    This diorama was to make as simple a base as possible, and attempt to show motion. The pavement is just a piece of Corian (plastic kitchen/bath countertop), which is the perfect grain and color, sandblasted texture for rolled out pattern. Tire marks are pastel chalk. I made the master, and made resin copies of the cones, most are solid, a few are hollow, and for the killed cone I bent it soon after casting. The timer equipment is really simple, I could have super detailed something better. The VW Golf II GTi is the Revell kit, the alleged "Tuner series", which has horrible wheels and hideous aero parts. I used Integra wheels. I modified the bumpers to be European looking, the grill has wire mesh, added a moon roof, Evo 5 mirrors, resin Vehicross gas cap, Euro tuner green taillights, real springs on the suspension (which nobody can see), removed door handles (which are really cheap units). Painted with Boyds turquoise, with a nail 'polish' green pearl over it, and clear. The interior back seat was removed, Scale Motorsport decal on seats, figure is modified race driver. Built in 2003. I owned a '91 Jetta GLi, did some autocross, so I *had to* do the lifted rear wheel.
  6. RocketWagen

    I finished this beast last night. I'm very happy with the finished model. The turbines are all scratch built from styrene rod. The front wings are made from the front seats. The rear louvers are from a Hemi-Cuda. I gut the body down the center and removed about 1/3 of the plastic. Sealed off the old passenger door. The windshield visor is hinged and moves freely. Although, I did end up putting in a support post. I thought it looked much better.
  7. Photo-etch VW emblem for the Bus?

    Considering how popular the VW Bus is, I'm surprised there is not a photo-etch emblem. Would be so nice to paint, and then put that puppy on. I see many Beetle photo-etch, but not for the Bus. Even a resin emblem, which could be chrome plated or painted, would be a popular detail.
  8. VW Beetle photo-etch script?

    Why has nobody done the "Volkswagen" hood script in photo-etch? I see there are 3 different frets done by Highlight Model Studio (found at MegaHobby), most of the items are worthless accessories. I have the '57 Oval Window conversion by Best Model Car Parts, found via MCM. Doing my parent's car, pictures taken by dad, have a bunch more cool shots.
  9. Decided to treat myself at Christmas and get a 1:24 model car, something to keep me busy and out of trouble. I didn't have any specific model in mind, so I nipped down to my local model shop and browsed the shelves. The MK1 VW Golf Cabriolet caught my eye and so the purchase was made. Having not done any models for a good few years I decided to just dive straight in do it the way I wanted to. I tend to learn better and quicker when I just have a go, rather than reading or watching videos. I started cutting bits out and mocking up the body. I knew I would want different wheels and lowered suspension, so I order a set of 15" banded steel wheels. When mocking the wheels on to the body it was apparent I had a slight issue with poke. The wheels came with wider rears, and to get them to fit the car nicely I would really need 2 pairs of fronts (narrower width), these along with a little trimming would fit the arches just right. So I ordered another set of the wheels. For the car colour I decided to go with a period correct red. I'm pretty pleased with the results for saying I haven't done it for a while, there are plenty of flaws with the job but I'm pleased. The wheels fit better now and look better with the matt black centres and gold bolts. Next I tackled the engine. I was thinking about getting a VW 16v turbo engine for it, but though I'd stick with the standard engine for this build. This is where I am up to in the build now, next up is the interior. Sorry for the quality of the images, will try and use my proper camera for the next lot of update images.
  10. Zinger! VW

    This is the 3rd 'Zinger!' I've built. The Zinger Drag and Zinger Buggy, were re-issues, but this was an original. (I think. Moulded in orange with a photo on the box. not artwork) The chrome was lousy and there was enough flash to make another kit from it. But I really enjoyed making it. It took me back to my youth , but now I've got the patience to put things right on kits. In case you've never seen these before, here's some original promo photos: Here's my attempt: I hope it made you smile My other Zingers are here:
  11. 1961 VW Karmann Ghia

    Started with Gunze Sangyo kit. Has anyone else thought about this with this kits? "I would love to get my hands on the guy who thought making the seats and door panels out of the same rubber as the tires was a good idea!" I got around this little frustration by molding and casting the seats and door panels in something more friendly to paint. (I did this with the Gunze Beetles too.) The fit between the door panels and body wasn't great either, so they had to be modified to the extent of moving the (separate) door pulls and window cranks back 1/8"! Otherwise, a smooth build. Yes, the color is factory stock, straight off the color chip sheet....
  12. My 1/12 1953 Volkswagen Canriolet by Sunstar It is a limited edition on 1500 worldwide. This car, has working everything . Not to mention it's awesome details. Working features include: opening doors, hood, and trunkworking suspensionworking door handlesworking steeringworking Windows/cranksopening semaphores/ turn indicatorsremoveable wheels and hubcapsposable windshield wipers and side view mirrorremovable tool case with removable toolstilting seat backsopening gloveboxposable stick shifttilting visorsremovable tonneau coverworking fabric convertible top
  13. vw beetle build beelzebug.

    Back at it again, with a vw beetle now, this is going to be a replica of my real one that i too am currently working on, which you can see here: http://www.thesamba.com/vw/forum/viewtopic.php?t=636548&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0 Here it is, and all the work i have done on it so far: The filler is for bumper holes, indicator holes and some vent on the front of the car holes, i havent finished sanding down the front yet, or the back actually. I really need to paint the exhaust again, i am terrible with a brush, i stole the exhaust from a secret project im doing and just bent it to fit like my real one. I cut the rear seats out and will be filling in the hole at some point because i too dont have rear seats. Thing is, i have a few issues with this kit, the first one is that my dash is right hand drive, and its had new guages put in and been smoothed out by the P.O and im not sure how to replicate it, i am in the process of sanding the dash down and then filling in the indents on it, so i can make the car right hand drive, but im not sure how to make new dials and guages...
  14. '68 Beetle

    I'm working on two models but making separate discussions for them. I'm building a Meyers Manx but we are focusing on my revel beetle. Paint (spray cans): 3 coats of Tamiya white primer, 3 coats of Tamiya ts-34 camel yellow, and 3 coats of Tamiya Ts-13 clear. I did wet sand the body but a little to much on a few places like around a headlight but not to noticeable (I'm a beginner)
  15. My very first kit arrived today! I wasn't able to find this particular kit in stores near me so I purchased through eBay. While I waited, I researched 1:1 scale examples and tips/tricks from the web. Everyone on this forum has some outstanding projects and I hope to make it look half as good as some of yours! If you know of any good beginner resources please let me know! - Mike
  16. VW Golf/Rabbit dual build

    Well, thanks to the combo of not having a heater in my garage yet, and a typical Canadian winter, all of my current builds are on hold at the "needs paint" stage. So it's time to start a new project. Two actually. Building Revell's VW Rabbit and Revell of Germany's VW Golf Cabriolet. Definite similarities between the kits, in terms of details and parts. As you might guess. Both are going to be modified, but final details aren't worked out yet. I have a bunch of pieces from Jeremy at Clearly Scale which look fantastic. Not sure abotu colours yet, but my daughter says I need to paint one of them turquoise. I'll probably get my boy to pick the other colour. Not many pics yet, as I literally just started this last night.
  17. 1966 VW Bug Custom

    This is my recently finished Tamiya Bug. It's supposed to be a candy though it's hard to tell. The kit was excellent which shows my mediocre skills at building. However, I like it just the same.
  18. VW Beetle Baja race diorama

    Hey guys, I finished this VW Beetle Baja racer a couple weeks ago. Here's a small diorama I made for it showing it in a race. It's just a piece of Styrofoam covered with dirt, a few plants, and rocks. I used a heat gun to make ruts where the wheel tracks are. For the blue sky photo background, I set up an old ironing board my wife painted. I dirtied up the Bug a little with some real dirt. There are driver and passenger figures inside. This was an easy and fun project. I hope you like it! Sam
  19. Do any of the VW Bus / Type II models come with the Gear Reduction Axle Boxes? I sort of have a hair brained idea of using a pair on a Hot Rod to go even lower. One could feasibly set up a Ford Banjo Rear End with a set of gear reduction boxes flipped to drop another four inches. Not to mention the fact that these boxes had a variety of gear sets available and could essentially be set up in an overdrive like a Quick Change Rear could.
  20. VW Baja Bug ready to race!

    Hey guys, I just finished my latest project: a VW Baja Bug based on the Revell 1/24 Beetle kit. I did some surgery, cutting down the rear fenders, opening up all four wheel wells, and cutting a hole in the front deck lid for a spare wheel. I raised the rear suspension a little, and used rear wheels and sand tires from an old Meyers Manx kit. Little Red Wagon front wheels and spare with parts box tires. Exhaust pipes are made from solder (tedious job!), as is the front bumper. Rear engine guard is pieces of roll bars and sprue. Light bar is cut down from some pickup roll bar (Lindberg F-150 maybe?). The rear seat was cut out, and a roll bar made, Racing seats from the parts boxes. Window netting is metal window screen. There's a driver and passenger figure inside ready to race! I plan to make a small diorama of the Bug in a desert race scene. Paint is Valspar Allis-Chalmers tractor paint. This build was just fun! I had a couple fit issues when putting the body on, but it didn't come out too bad, I think! Comments welcome!
  21. VW Beetle Baja racer

    I'm working on a Baja off-road Beetle, made from the Revell 1/24 scale Beetle kit. The kit is so nice I almost didn't want to hack it up, but I can always get another kit to build stock! I cut down the fenders with a Dremel tool, then cut a hole in the front deck lid for the spare using a hole saw on a drill press.....very.....carefully! The rear seat was cut off, and different seats used up front. The exhaust pipes are made from solder. I botched the first set, and these aren't the best, but I'm tired of bending solder! Rear wheels and tires are from an old Manx kit (I think). front wheels are from the Little Red Wagon kit with parts box tires. Gas tank is a cut down 32 Ford tank. A friend gave me the two race driver figures. Neither of us knows what they're from. I put them in the seats and plan to make a small diorama of the Bug in a desert race. Still some work to do - make an engine guard, front brush guard, light bar on the roof, install headlights, windows, decals, etc. Fun project, but more work than I thought it would be!
  22. Ornery OTTO AA/FA VW Beetle

    This was my first time working with a Resin body. Used the Winged Express kit for chassis and cut out the side panels of the frame, not sure why, just to be different I suppose. Shoe horned a Ross Gibson McGee Quad cam engine in it. Not sure how manageable it would be to get down the track with that short wheel base. She would be one wild ride that's for sure.
  23. VW beetle '66

    Another kit finished this year... i like the final result..
  24. Gunze Oval Window Beetle

    Just a beater '57 Beetle with 17"-ish wheels from Revell's '41 Chevrolet Pickup.
  25. VWs

    Winter in the Northeast is not the best painting weather. So this year, I decided to paint some kits in advance. I already had a VW Bug built - so I decided to paint some other VW kits in September - a Vanagon, a Samba Van and a cargo van. I painted, bagged them, then starting working on them when the temp got to freezing. This is kind of a cross between Under Glass and On The Workfbench. Here are some pics of the VW Bug I had already built - it's from the Tamiya kit The next to be built which i just finished, is the Vanagon from Revell of Germany. I found this kit (and the Samba Van) very difficult to built. Lots of warping - but with patience and a few clamps it worked out. Here are some pics Next to be built is the Samba bus - here are some pics of the partially finished bus And in pieces is the next project - the cargo van