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Revell Big Tub in Candy-Red

Chris D

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Hi all,

Just finished up my Revell 1/8 scale big tub. Didn't take any progress pics and probably should have.

The kit is expensive (around $100.00 I think), but the quality is very good and frankly it was a pleasure to build. Being big scale, it screams for lots of detail but I just wasn't up to the task and tried to follow close to box stock.

The paint is Tamiya, base coat was Gunmetal then Clear Red sprayed over that to achieve the candy color. While the paint job didn't turn out the best, the color turned out great, just what I was looking for. Even the tan interior came out looking spot on for what I was looking for. Unfortunately, the flocking on the floor is a perfect match for the color of the painted surfaces so its hard to tell there is flocking.

I screwed up the windshield by getting super glue accelerator on it. I asked in the forum here how to fix it and thankfully the suggestions worked perfectly. I simply polished it with two different car polishes and the fogging was gone.

Here are the pics...




Thanks for taking a look!

Chris D

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