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Well it's done :D . Had the afternoon off so i rolled up my sleeves and finished it. Even though it gave me some trouble , i'm pretty happy with the outcome. there is another thread on this build but since it is under glass..... thanks for taking the time to look at it.







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Looks Pretty good! I am looking to pick up the kit to give it a try....I built it back 30 years ago...dang I am getting old...to see how ot would come out now.

bought mine at hobby lobby with a 40% off coupon. i hope you find one... couple of things i'd like to point out... i have no idea who thought to put the attachment points of the parts where they are but they sure didn't build this model after doing so..if they had they would have retooled it.... the wheels alone had 3.. the front end (pic #3) had one in the most conspicuous place you could place it. i tried to move or rotate pieces to hide as many as i could but some just stick out like a sore thumb and i had no idea how to cover it up..the windshield was to small for the frame ...it is such a good looking model and all and all it was a fun build..all complain aside ;) . i look forward to seeing your build of it.

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