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(New paint pics 4/4! Getting close to done!) Smooth Aluma-Coupester Kustom (Chip Foose style build)


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Started this build by cutting up the front section of an Alumacoupe.......cut and matched-in the grille sections of the Smoothster.....added the roof from the Lil Coffin (thanks to Dr. Kerry my good friend).....some wheels/tires from a Jada Corvette.....and a lot of time, Apoxiesculpt, and sanding. The hood was probably one of the biggest hurdles to cover......I wanted the front end to look like a pair of open wings......achieved this by splitting the side grilles down the middle with the hood (the front section of the hood turned down area was taken from the original trunk lid from the Alumacoupe.)

This will be a curbside build that will put focus on paint and mostly design. The paint will be a bright orange base with a gold pearl over it, followed by Kandy Pink, Kandy Violet and finally bury it all under a deep coat of clear. In the right light you will see the orange coming thru that awesome Violet/Pink Koolaide looking paint! If all goes well, paint will be on Saturday!

As always, I appreciate your comments and advice.

Enjoy guys!




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Great start. Interesting design looking forward to more.

Thanks Bob. Should be in final primer tonight.

Looks awesome Ken and some great color plans..

Thank you Carl. Now I just hope all goes well with my "lofty" goals.

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That's some fine workmanship. Sounds like it is gonna look killer.

But where did you get the invisible front suspension? I MUST HAVE IT!

:lol: Thank you Greg......the suspension is Experimental at this point....TOP Secret even.

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Great looking combination of bits. This is so radical, you might consider something like Sbarro's centerless wheels. Just a thought.

Thanks Bill! That is an interesting idea......

I like it! The contours fit together so nicely. I think it needs more B-pillar, otherwise its fabulous!

Thanks Ken.......going to have a slightly noticeable split in the side windows to denote the B-pillar. I appreciate the thoughts and ideas!

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I agree with the "B"pillar suggestion.I personally would match the angle of that pillar with the angle of the rear vertical window angle.Thanks for sharing your concept with us.Looking very nice.I would consider a dark subtle color for the body.

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Today was the day for mockup of all parts and paint. Paint turned out a little darker than I anticipated (which happens sometimes....) it is a deep Kandy Apple Red with a slight Cranberry juice look to it. It will work.........not flawless though :angry:.....2nd to last step of paint before clear something contacted the roof and took out a small dot of paint. I am thinking about making a vinyl top for it to cover this mistake. (thoughts and ideas of how to accomplish this will be very appreciated!)

Don't worry, I am taking deep breaths........7 step paint processes are like birthing something (not a child of course!)

Here are some pics of what it looks like with a flash. (MAN! Photobucket is slow lately!)



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