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Peterbilt Truck Models

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Thanks for the information regarding the differant models that Peterbilt produce. I checked on their web site. Very impressesd I love the traditional shape of the 379 conventional tractor. There's something in it that really appeals to me. Of all the trucks the 359 and 351 are my favourites. I know these are getting on abit now but they look everypart the proffessional drivers truck.

Whilst looking at the Peterbilt web site I was impressed with the 384 what a superb looking truck. I presume the cab will be the same generation as the 388? The hood looks a little tricky but worth a go. Do any of the Aftermarket parts manufacturers have plans for any conversions for the new generation of trucks? I would love to build a 384 as a heavy hauler to accompany my 380 with winch, snow chains the lot!!

What a great looking truck!!


Dave Bates

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The 384 (short hood 386, pictured as a daycab with Ultracab roof) does look nice. It will replace the 385 (377's replacement from '98). The cab is the same basic cab from the 379.

I haven't heard of any plans that anyone has made to offer any modern hoods for modeling. I can only hope.

The 386 and 384 hoods have far too many compound curves and shapes for me to try out of plastic.


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