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1957 Chevrolet Barn Rod

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I have seen a video somewhere on Youtube that gave me inspiration for building this. I was going to use a scrapped 1/24, but decided to go bigger and doubting on 1/16, I chose 1/12 in the end. I had a partial built '57 sportscoupe laying around and other than just parting it out, I had nowhere to go with that kit. An ideal start.

The idea is to make a kind of Rat Rod, but different. Where I personally think that unibody's don't lend themselves for RatRodding, I am trying to prove myself wrong, although I will not leave the body intact.

I hope the pictures will make it more clear.

I started with cutting of the sides of the frame

Then I cut the body in somewhat uneven parts (to give it a Barn Rod look)


I also gave it somewhat a tapered look, so smaller in the front.

And some much needed reinforcements

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I am going to make an air intake form both halves of the front fenders

The engine will get a major overhaul and make it nicer than it looked when I got it.

I cut off the front members and replaced it with a new boxframe

Instead of using the chrome covers, I am going with the stock ones.


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Thanks guys,

@Kevin; because people have 're-used' my pictures before, claiming it to be their own or even to fraud people through Craigslist

@Fred: Hmm, then I got my terms mixed up, I know it is a full frame, but maybe I should've used the term post-war.

Small update, because I am on sickleave I have a few moments to work on it. Progress will soon go a lot slower.

Because it is quite normal that the floor is gone in junkers, I decided to remove this floor as well

Added new suspension brackets

And got a new tunnel, using the old interior floor

I drew the wheel cutouts on the body

And got 'em out

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