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post just your cabovers here

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Ok, I'll play!

Here is a 1969 Trans-con Dodge L700 I finished in October 2009:


This is my 1976 GMC Astro/95 that I finished in February 2010:


Then I have a 1976 Matlack Mack WS686S Cruiseliner that I finished in September 2011:


And lastly, my 1976 Chevrolet Titan/90 that I finished in April 2012:


That's all the cab-overs I've completed so far. I do have a 1974 Kenworth K100 on the bench, but I don't have any pics.

Hey, Does a 1970 American-LaFrance 1000-Series count? Finished in November 2009:


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Jim, good looking bunch! love the Astro!

Clayton, other than the usual fuel tank work, I don't think it was too bad. I have a build thread somewhere on here, might want to reference that, as my memory stinks, lol, and I built that as a relative newbie [still am really], so any hurdles I hit should be in that thread.

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Is that Goliath in the back in the last KW pic ?. Fantastic rigs all :wub:

it is, a buddy of mine built it, has the rocket launcher that comes out the back of the trailer and has LED lighting as well, cool build.

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