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Hi all I won this on ebay and as described the bowsprit was broken, well i've fixed the bowsprit
to be honest I dont think I will be staring this before my hols in a weeks time but I am excited by the prospect.
the moulding for such an old kit I think is outstanding, its certainly equal to the Heller La reale.


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well I know I shouldn't as were off on hols tomorrow but I couldn't resist
Just wanted to see how it compared to the heller la reale and I think it is deffo as good, once I've added the black it will be stunning.
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Hi all well back off hols and made a tentative start on this one
The kit comes with stubby half cannons for the lower decks( I may live to regret this but Ive decided to open up the gun ports and make some whole guns to put behind them, since they are below decks and you wont see much of them they wont need to be too detailed or accurate, and I am only doing one side as they would never do a broadside on both sides, I mean what admiral in his right mind would choose to take the risk of a broadside on both sides at the same time) also it means I've only got to make 30 guns and carriages. I also have to make part decks for one side.
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Hi all I've decided to do something different with this and it involves this
It flickers just like a real candle and the other one is kaput so I developed a cunning plan so, off with the transom
can you guess where this is going
drilled out the windows
then removed the rest of the window
yes thats right I'm going to RC it, only joking, lighting up the state cabins.
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Hi all here is an update on this one. All the guns in place (still got to tie some down) all the closed gunports glued in.




I've discovered that the slots in the grating for the bowsprit tie downs are not there so had to make them.




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