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The V8-60 from the Revell Kurtis midget kit would look cool in there...but the midget lacks a transmission, so you'd have to adapt something.

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Having seen the Thames van here in the UK in the 50's and the car versions (Anglia, Prefect), this is a design long overdue!

Why didn't Ford do this? Well I suppose at that time both cars and vans were built just to get from A to B and be basic workhorses, holidays re: woodies weren't thought about here.

Looks good the 4 pot side valve engine with a 3 speed manual box is just what they had, the suspension and short chassis/body didn't lean towards fast driving, especially on very twisty country roads.

12-15 Horsepower roughly 1 litre engines were common with a top speed (of course nobody spoke about that) of around 45 miles per hour!

I look forward to rest of this build, what a good idea though!

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Patrick (in the UK) ..if you haven't seen a Thames in wood on your side of the pond, then perhaps you are correct, maybe they never made one.

Although, I thought I recalled seeing a full size woody Thames project in restoration in a magazine....but don't know if it was for real - or a project someone dreamed up.

My searches online haven't turned up much, so I think I'll just wing it, and have some fun fun fun.

Since they like surfing in Australia...maybe this will be a concept for a surf buggy "down under", as they say.

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Profile sketch for Plastruct strips.

So what do you all suggest for the wood....

- painting the wood grain

- pirated decal wood grain for various kits

- thin veneer from aftermarket sources of cigar liners

- Uschi product



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..... vans were built just to get from A to B and be basic workhorses, holidays re: woodies weren't thought about here.....

woodies, aka, shooting brakes, were produced in the UK from the '20s through the '50s.


and there's an Austin on the cover


i think the paint is the way to go for this one. keep it light because the areas are small.

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Thanks Joe, still never seen one until now!

I've taken various images and either enlarged or reduced, although not yet printed those 'Woody' decals but have printed other images and used as decals see below..................


I've looked at the Uschi decals on a site but they are very expensive at £15 a sheet + £7 postage!

I was also looking a coffee sticks/stirers as the 'wood'.

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I like gassers, but I like woodies too.

Thanks for the encouragement.

I've ditched all the Thames speed equipment and drive train.

I'm looking over 4 banger parts ...the Revel '31 Ford woody has a very nice 4 banger which I'm trial fitting here.

The steelie wheels are from the Monogram '50 Ford pick up, which also contributed the rear axle/differential.

Trying to keep it 1949/50 era Ford parts.

Found a bench seat in the junk box that will fit.

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I have two samples of Ushi wood grain decal in my decal box that I picked up from the vendor at the last IPMS regionals.

Superfine #1003 which is a blonde wood/mottled panel and Dark Planking #1011 which is mahogany looking deck planking

that scales to 6" wide boards.

Nice, (expensive) but i'm not sure I want to use these on the wood ribs, maybe not in the small flat panels either.

Maybe I should start a separate thread on success/failures with painting wood grain. I'm combing through Model Car and Scale Auto mags for wood grain painting tips.

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I found a really neat wood veneer product at Hobby Lobby today.It's called "WOOD-FX".You get (5) 8-1/2"x11"sheets in a package.It is small grained and paper backed.It measures .015" thick.This is real wood so each sheet is different.

The original price had been $ 11.99 but this was in their clearance section(my favorite) so I got it for $ 7.19.I see a lot of uses for this product.It will work perfectly for any flat panel application such as slab sided woody wagons like yours,dash inserts and interior panels.

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