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Revell Yenko Camaro - update 5/31 - BMF done


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Worked on the bug problem this morning and this is what she looks like:


As I suspected, there is a light spot where I sanded but I'm leaving it as is. Not too noticeable.

Front pan and rear spoiler painted and clear coated:


On these parts I tried an experiment and shot some clear on them almost immediately after the color coats. It helped level the paint. Should have tried this when I painted the body.

Now back to the Yenko car:



Two coats of clear over the decals.

I'm not getting along well with the Testors clear as It is thick and syrupy almost like the old enamel glosscote. I have used Tamiya paint exclusively on my last three or four builds and it went on much thinner and smoother. I went with the Testors because I can get it at the local Hobby Lobby whereas i have to mail order Tamiya. Hobby Lobby only carries Tamiya primers.

Next step is to put the stripes on the 68 and clear coat it. Anybody think I will have a problem using Tamiya clear over Testors lacquer?

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I tried using the decals for the 68 but they chipped around the edges so I shot the clear coats while the weather is holding out. Still not happy with the finish - too thick.


Stuck the grille and pan on just for the pics.


I had the spoiler on but it fell off. Sometimes "super glue" isn't so super.

Now back to the other details for awhile.

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I haven't lost my mojo yet, I have been sidetracked doing other things this week. yesterday was the first day since my vacation started that I had some real modeling time.

Detailed the Yenko interior:



The seats and door panels were painted with Testors acrylic flat white and then given a coat of Future to add just a little shine. The window cranks, door handles and shifter boot ring were painted with MM chrome silver and carpet is Pollyscale engine black. Steering wheel is in the chrome stripper right now. I will be using the steering wheel from the 69 Z/28 kit as I want to use the baseline trim wheel on another 69 that I will be building as a replica of a 1:1 car that I used to own.

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I guess the last couple of updates have been kinda boring seeing as I haven't gotten any comments for a few days.

Got some BMF on the body now:



I'm not doing the chrome drip rail trim as it wasn't on every car that Yenko did.

One last shot of the interior before it gets installed in the body:


I didn't detail the dash because it won't be that noticeable considering the steep angle and recess of the instruments. I hate doing interiors anyway, they are my least favorite part of a car model.

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