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1969 Z28 Foose Camaro WIP


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That's just right. The stance. The tires and wheels ... Great! Put a seat in, engine, and maybe some steerage, and you're done. Even the unpainted body looks great ... and I don't like white cars.

One question: My knowledge of suspensions is pedestrian ... why did you use a panhard with leaf springs and not a traction bar?

Edit: I just reread your words "road race" and got the clue.

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Yes sir Mr. Mike, You need both for a road racer. Although some guys like my friend Mick have used a torque arm instead of traction bars. Here is His car that we set up. I have had several 1:1 camaros that I used to race in scca. This car really hooks up. A LS motor with 500 hp. Sorry for the sideways pics.



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Mr. Fred McKee, the wheels are from the tamiya lola t-70 kit and the tires are from icon. The tires are made for the Trumpeter GT40. These are resin and need to be painted. The tires look like the tires of the era. The right tread and the right girth. Thank you guys for the great comments

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