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Gimme 5 automotive subjects you'd like to see reissued

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Don't worry if the tooling is incomplete or not there anymore, because in this day and age it isn't realy an issue.

Just wondering if their current release plan, is following what enthusiasts like you would like to build again.

As always thanks, for your cooperation.


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1. AMT Open Road Chevy van camper.

2. AMT 1959 Ford Fairlane 500 (not the Galaxie) 2-door hardtop.

3. AMT Chevrolet Astro show car.

4. Since Round 2 owns Lindberg, and Linberg has IMC's tools, the IMC Advenger GT.

5. MPC 1967 Pontiac Bonneville convertible.

And that's just limiting myself to 5.


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You know 5 is just not enough. Sorry, I hate to do it, put here are 5 more.

6. MPC 1970 Mercury Cyclone GT.

7. AMT 1966 Buick Skylark GS.

8. MPC '71 or '72 Dodge Sportsman passenger van.

9. MPC '71 or '72 Ford Chateau passenger van

10. MPC '71 Dodge Demon


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I agree with ANY of the AMT/MPC 67-72 Chevy/GMC Pickups

However, wasn't the AMT GMC Shortbox stepside re-tooled

into the Cheyenne Longbox we have had re-issued since 95?

Last seen in the "Rides" box? and why the grill is Too short

(not tall enough) to be separated from the bumper like the original 71/72

grill was? (They were separate parts, I have a few)

Correction on 88, it is 88-97, Not 98!!

They changed in 98

I Would love to see the 454SS from that series re-issued, but

most of the others are readily available and Not too expensive

Not sure what else I would pick besides the 60 Chevy Wagon!!!!!!

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Guess GM lied on my 1:1.

My 1:1 is a 98. The last year of 5.7 in the 1/2 ton p/u. GM kept that body style in production till 2000. The old body style was used for 99 and 00 for the 1 ton platform. I know this because I drove a 1 ton stake bed for a lumber yard and my dad had 1 ton, 4 door, longbed, 4 wheel drive. The stake bed had a 5.7 in it, but it was a 1 ton.

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MPC 1971 Demon

MPC AA/FC Vega funnycar

MPC 1970 Mercury Cougar

MPC 1970 Mercury Cyclone

MPC 1968 Coronet hardtop

a couple bonus kits for me would be

MPC 1971 Roadrunner


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Being realistic, tooling i know still exists

AMT Subaru Brat, only issued once, never reissued as something else

MPC 70 Bonneville, last reissued 10 years ago by Model King

MPC/AMT 83 Chevy 4x4, last seen about 10 years ago, and those issues go for big bucks, shouldve bought more

MPC/AMT 72 GMC step side, last seen about 20 years ago,

MPC Pinto wagon, last seen around 80 as the Pony Express kit

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