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Gimme 5 automotive subjects you'd like to see reissued

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11 hours ago, Xingu said:

When has the title of a thread stopped anyone from posting something?

If Luc says it is ok, I can edit the title to remove Round 2.

This is a catch 22, we are wrong when we combine threads and we are wrong if we keep separate threads. This is why I upped my meds.

I'm in a good mood today, so why not ;)


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  • Xingu changed the title to Gimme 5 automotive subjects you'd like to see reissued
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On 12/1/2020 at 10:44 AM, Oldcarfan27 said:

These are tools that theoretically could be reissued because, to the best of my knowledge, they haven't been modified into anything else. 

Before I hear rants on how "that kit won't ever get reissued", bear in mind, this is just my wish list.

Feel free to add to it. My only criteria is that the tool hasn't been modified since it's last release. 

This one needs to come back. With all of the original optional parts and this box art!


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These exercises remind me of a story....

Back in the day I belonged to a few model car clubs.  There was a fellow who whined constantly that a model company needed to come out with a new kit of a '66 Chevy Impala. We told him to buy an old annual.  Nope, that was too expensive for him!

So what happens?  Revell does it!   And at our meeting a dealer brought a full case of them to sell cheaper than at hobby shops!  Was this guy happy?  No, he wanted someone to buy one and open it so he could see the contents before he'd buy one!

Everyone else was happy that there was a new kit.  And we all bought one.  Seeing the sealed kits sitting at our places, this guy kept haunting people... would someone open one up?  We all just smirked and refused to comply.   There was one kit left for sale from the case... would he buy it? Nope!  


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1. All the AMT, MPC and Monogram pre-war cars, like the Stutz, Packards, and so forth.

2. MPC 1969-'72 Grand Prix (I REALLY hope this comes about with the re-engineering program).

3. Almost anything Jo-Han made.

4. AMT 1958-'62 annuals.

5. All the neat little Pyro/Lindberg/Life-Like 1/32 brass cars

Charlie Larkin

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15 minutes ago, Oldcarfan27 said:

These are due and sorely missed!



I agree with you especially the C30 pickup. This may share some of the tooling for another version that was a GMC with a solid sided camper shell, 

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5 that I’d like to see reissued? From any manufacturer?

1) Monogram 70 Malibu Street Machine(yellow car)

2) JoHan 68 Olds 442

3) JoHan 69 Roadrunner 

4) MPC 71 Roadrunner 3n1

5) MPC Dodge Warlock truck

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