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Post your "Snap" kits.

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Very nice job on these man. Again, your blue and gold KW was very inspirational to me. They all look great.

Iam still amazed at the possiblities of these snappers. If your willing to put in the effort, these build up into really nice pieces.

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JT, imagination and execution perfectly paired. Really liking the KW / Ford combination, very original.

Landon, your all black Pete istantly made me think of that show truck, Project 350, nice work. The black, white and red Pete stopped me in my tracks, great color choice.

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Thanks guys, Clayton I'm glad that KW inspired you, that's one of my favorites. The real truck that inspired that build was like my summer home when I was a child. These snap kits are great I wish they came out with some others in 1/25. I don't get the build time like I used to since I started working at Chef Boyardee. But I have a California hauler in finishing up that I will post when I get a chance.

Be well guys keep building and be well.

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These are some amazing works, Boys....So glad Revell reissued these things....You can do so much with them, because the price is so low.....You're not scared you're going to screw them up.....So if you want to cut the sleeper off and you don't like the end result, go snag another one.....Awesome, Guys....

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Some great lookin builds guys.


The Photobucket question.... you need to use the IMG link, not the URL. That's how I do it.

Here is my 1/32 Snapper.  Hope this works.  Does anyone have tips posting from photobucket ?IMG_0759-1_zps6milzijn.jpg



http://i1347.photobucket.com/albums/p719/A20havoc1/1-32 Peterbilt 352/IMG_0759-1_zps6milzijn.jpg



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I like that Kenny and that Pete you posted, there, Brian....Very nice work.....I really dig that Kenny, though....Big fan of the stretch.....

Good work, James on that Pete double bunk....I always like those little snappers.....

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2012-06-11 18.25.17.jpg

2012-06-13 18.01.54.jpg

2012-06-13 18.02.14.jpg

2012-06-13 18.02.36.jpg

2012-06-13 18.02.54.jpg

2012-06-13 18.03.11.jpg

2012-06-13 18.03.40.jpg

2012-06-13 18.04.04.jpg

2012-06-13 18.06.02.jpg

I remember this build when it was work in progress...fill in all the nasty snap tabs on the sleeper,using model railroad rivets on the stretch etc.Brian you inspired me to get back into this hobby with this build and to use this kit for my first subject and always been a fan of your work.....hope to see more from ya.....

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