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POLICE JET BALL #25! Seaquest & Robot Kitbash is Finished!

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Ira ,I have met you at the santa rosa i hobby show a few years ago. I was able to meet the master.I was the head judge and wanted you to judge but you had to pick up your wife. The creations that you do are so out there..this makes them cool.The more the better and your builds are the coolest!I follow all your builds and will follow forever.Hope to see you at the next show. Sincerly.Bruce PS Cannot wait to see what is next

Thanks for the kind words Bruce!

See you at the next EXPO.... B)

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Black & White!

Next I sprayed the Body with Flat White Primer.


After the White dried I masked off the White areas and sprayed the rest with Flat Black.


After the Black dried I sprayed the Body with Testors Glosscote. Then I applied the Police Decals.


More Coming... B)

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I got a large sheet of multi-colored Plastic Rhinestones from a Dollar Store. Here are 4 of the on the front of the Jet Ball.


Here are the rear Lights and Engines in place.


More Coming... B)

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It's moving on really fast. Great stuff, I saw some of those in pound land my missus thought I was going a bit funny when I bought them, told her I could see them being useful in my modelling, still not sure she believes me.

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Rocket was the "Best Fit" for the Interior. This is an Action Figure, he came with Groot and another figure in one package.


Well, Rocket will fit after a few minor modifications...


Here he is with his arms in place.


Big Feet!
Here is Rocket ready to save the Galaxy again!


More Coming...B)

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I made a base for the Police Jet Ball. I started with a round wooden base from the Crafts Store and added a plastic tube in the center to hold the steel wire to support the Jet Ball. I glued bits of plastic around the tube and then cover the base with "Dirt" & "Grass" from the Hobby Shop.
The action figure is Groot from the "Guardians of the Galaxy" movie.


After I got Groot in position I filled the body joints with "Formula 560" White Glue.


After the glue dried I painted over the joints and weathered Groot with "The Detailer".


A couple of coats of Testors Dullcote finishes him off.


More Coming...B)

Edited by Ira
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Police Jet Ball #25 is Finished!

The body halves have been glued together. Star Wars Droid Robot Arms and a Police Light were added. The Machine Guns are made from Aluminum Tubing. I drilled a hole in the bottom for the Steel Wire Mount.


Here is the Police Ball mounted on the steel wire Base.


More Finished Photos Coming...B)

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