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Chopped and Sectioned Candy Red 1949 Mercury


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Back in the day, when I was becoming a car guy, I learned the meaning of "chopped," "sectioned" and "lowered." Those custom features are the direction I went with this 1949 Mercury. The body is chopped 3 inches, sectioned 3 inches and lowered to the max. I used an AMT 1949 custom Mercury as a donor kit and fitted a Cheez Cast resin body to it. I borrowed the Cadillac engine and transmission from a Revell 1949 custom Mercury kit for the drive train. I used the custom rims/hubcaps from an AMT 1951 Chevy kit along with parts box Goodyear tires. I experimented with rolled/pleated upholstery for the seat backs and installed a chrome dashboard. I installed a custom bullet/bar grille and round concave taillights. I painted the body with Duplicolor sandable white primer, Spaz Stix silver base coat, Spaz Stix Candy Red color and Rustoleum clear. Extensive polishing took me where I wanted to go.










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That's a good looking one!

I'd love to see a shot from down low to see the section better. Where did you take it .. it's hard to tell from the photos. They weren't kidding when they termed the Merc as a lead sled.. that body is massive and even with a 3" section looks massive.

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