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How many kits do you have in your stash?

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I have 96 kits in my stash and intend to build them all I myself don't see any reason for having kits laying around that I have no desire to build ? although i do have a few what I Call Vintage Kits you know those hard to come by kits that i am sure i most likely may not build but who knows ? 

I currently have 67 builds on display and at the rate that I am going I just may get most of my kits built in the next 3- 4 yrs


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250 + but the nice thing is now I dont have to buy anything when I want to build!

Murphy's Law Of Modeling:

"You can have 2,000 kits but your next great idea will involve kits you do not own!"  :P

Exactly. That happens a lot around here!

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Thanks guys!

I had a guilty conscience about having too many kits.

I have 10.

4 of them are doubles, because the parts are good.

The other 2 suck, I wish I didn't have them.  Should I chunk then?

No chunkin' , put them on the trading post thread. Somebody probably wants them. Maybe you'll get something you want in return. Just a suggestion. I've had nothing but good experiences trading on this forum.

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No idea.  When we moved, I had to remove them all from boxes and put them into plastic bags because we didn't want the bugs following us.  Each kit takes up one freezer bag, and I have 4 large tubs full, plus the top of the shelf in the closet and some I've bought since we moved in boxes (probably about 20 more).  And I keep buying.  :)

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I had about a hundred or so cars in my stash before I got into truck building last year. I now have about 120 cars and 60 or so trucks. I need to start thinning out the car collection, not enough room for trucks!

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