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75 plymouth duster


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Hi this one has gone through a few different ideas than what I originally set out but now I think its on its way. Started off with the idea of a relatively mild looking pro stock with the lapd pro stock chassis and tunnel rammed hemi but now has progressed to what I have mocked up now. Found a pro stock chassis from the stp pro stock that I got as a glue bomb from ebay. Found this kit was an excellent fit within the duster body with very minor mods. Now using an injected and supercharged twin plug hemi that i cut the trans off and installed a lenco trans that I will be detailed. Made up my own wheelie bars as the originals where bent and broken and made up the rear wing with the original stp kit one with the ends from a revell dragster kit. Found the parachutes in the parts box and made up a mounting for them and also the chutes main cables. Still yet to decide on paint and decals but its winter here so only good for building not painting.Cheers and thanks for looking.








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Very cool car sir.I love the stance..How come a 75,& not a 70,71?I built a pretty nice 71yellow Duster recently.I did cheat a little bit.I built it off the body of an older AMT pre painted Pro Shop model 71 Duster.I always liked the yellow body,with black roof.I mean,I did scratch built pretty everything else on the car,The motor,cage/chassi.I made a rear wing with dual chutes.I figure,SH%#,I suck @ painting,especially during the hot months,why not build one that someone else painted.Anyway,keep them photos coming.I look forward to seeing this one till the end.


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