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'57 Chevy Custom Cruiser


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I originally started this for the July 4th, three day, build off. I was unfortunately unable to finish it during that time. I've put in just about an additional five hours to finish it up, so I probably have a grand total of 36 hours in it. Which for me is a VERY quick build. The two other builds I'm doing right now are very heavy on the fabrication and they move very slowly. So this was needed to get the juices flowing again. Just clean up, paint and assemble.

This is the venerable and often maligned Monogram 1/24 '57 Chevy hardtop. It has a low parts count and is pretty simple, but by golly everything fits just perfect. It's accuracy is rather poor though. :unsure:


Lowered 4 scale inches all around. Opened the grill and cut away the top portion that's supposed to be attached to the hood. I added a '52 Chevy grill bar and cut away the bullets. I drilled them out and added clear bullets painted amber. I did away with some details that I've never liked on the '57, like the peak on the front fenders and the chrome on the top of the fins. I changed the rear tail lights a bit and opened the reverse lights for the exhaust. The hood bullets are aluminum tube and are open ram air style. The engine I modified to a single 4-barrel intake. The paint is Krylon semi-gloss black and Valspar matte Hunter Green, with Testors dull coat over all. 

Over all I'm very happy with it but it has quite a few flaws that will make sure it never sees a contest table, but I'm fine with that. I wasn't shooting for trophies with this one, just wanted to get one in the built column.

Without further ado..............










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lookin' good Rob! My Manx is still strewn across the bench! I don't know how AMT expected kids to build this darn thing! I spent an entire evening getting the front end assembly to fit. That involved cutting things apart, adding pins, and shortening shocks. I have been too busy at work to get on the bench and had three visitors from China this week. That was like meetings all day, entertain all evening, drop them at the hotel, drive a hour and a half home, sleep, then do it all over again! So now I'm sitting by the pool with a cold one and enjoying the new board on my phone !

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Thanks guys. Jim I'm gonna have more for you to shake your head at soon. I'm planning on at least two more suede hot rods coming up. A '49 Ford and a '53 Ford pick-up.

Drake, I suppose it does kinda look like something they would build at Gas Monkey doesn't it? 

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Thanks guys. I'm glad you like it. Gene, the flat finished is something that really speaks to my style of building and it's time I really embraced it. You'll be seeing a lot more in the next couple of years.

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