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Hey guys- I was wondering if anyone has pics of a NASCAR engine they've plumbed and wired? I'm working on a '92 thunderbird and I've googled some ref pics but I can't see where some hoses are coming from/ going to. Anybody got some tips and pointers? I've got enough material to do some plug wires and I have some braided line if I could figure out how to make some fittings for it. Any help appreciated! Thanks!

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You can do fittings from Plastruct hexagonal rods, they come in different sizes and you can do a lot of fittings from one rod.

 If you know where things go and what they do it's easier to do it right, to plumb a dry sump oil system you almost have to have some knowledge of how it works to be able to do it correctly and JC's diagrams are a good help on the way.
The DSOPSHU diagram on his Fotki album is a bit simplified and they forgot a very important part...the engine itself and all it's hookups, but the other diagrams are better.
The ignition system is not that hard, in NASCAR they use one distibutor and two coils and two ignition boxes (mostly MSD 6's) through a switch where one coil and box are for backup, the ignition boxes are often mounted on or under the passenger side of the dashboard.
The firing order should be 13726548 and the Ford engines number the cylinders from the front 1234 on the passenger side and 5678 on the drivers side, the distributor runs anti-clockwise, but...as long as you dont split the ignition wires in the middle on the distributor cap one can't really see how you have wired it if you don't go very close.

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If you dont want to fool with the hex rod, bead crimp ends give the a/n fitting effect.   You can get the silver ones.  Paint them blue and red transparent and wallah. 


these were left gold because the 1:1 had gold


these are gold but you can get them silver and copper 


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