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1971 Ford F350 Dump

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This is my third Moebius '71. I decided to do something a bit different with it this time. I nabbed the plow setup from a Revell GMC, made a dump bed and some mirror brackets, and used VCG Resins dually wheels, with Goodyears up front and Bridgestone Mud Duellers out back. I used the small headlights from a Revell '32 Ford Street Rod for the plow lights. 


The story behind the paint? When new, the truck was painted "county orange", but a subsequent owner painted it green. Let's just say Mr. Green didn't do the best job on prep, and the truck (with much help from Mother Nature) has spent the last couple of decades trying (and mostly succeeding) to revert to its original color. 


I still might add some wooden sides and a roll-up tarp to the dump bed, and add a few more wires and hoses underhood, but it'll look good enough up on the shelf as-is for the time being. 




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                   I like it a lot! Good job on the dump body. The paint job is spot on. And I think it would look good without the plow as well.



       Be Well


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