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The Man with the Golden Gun AMC Hornet


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This was just a quick upgrade to a Jo-Han promo. The paint was in pretty good shape, but the chrome was badly roughed up.  So I cleaned & polished the body, redid the trim (and added what was missing) with BMF, swapped wheels & seats with some from my parts box, gave it clear headlight lenses, and did some paint & decal work:




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One of my all time favorite car chases. That river jump was astounding. Oh yeah, the model.

Bill that looks spot on perfect. If I'd have found that kit, I'd have built the same thing. Well done.

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Thanks guys!  Here are a couple more pics I shot this morning.


Bill are the seats a decal? If so who makes them ?

Yes, it was the only way I could figure out how to get that 70s-tastic pattern :)

I drew up all the decals for this build.  The white stripes were printed by Joseph at Fireball Modelworks, and I printed the black stripes and the seats myself. I made one big pattern and cut the individual panels from that. The seats were painted white where I wanted the pattern to show up, so I could cut the decals a little large and have any overlap completely disappear against the black.



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