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AMC Gremlin Street Freak / Gasser late 70's ShowCar


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Here is my Gremlin street freak all finished except the license plate.  (I'll do that tomorrow) 

Here is a quick run down of the build:
-Scratchbuilt front frame section.
-Smoothed chassis pan/gas tank removed
-Scratchbuilt ladder bars
-Rear springs from 1933 Willys gasser
-Ford 9" rear end from the 1962 tbird kit
-Front axle from 1933 Willys gasser
-Scenes Unlimited Brake backer plates
-Scenes Unlimited 5 slot mags
-Competition Resin rear slicks
-Competition Resin front wheels and tires
-All chrome is Alclad, no kit chrome remains
-Blueprinter parts pack Hemi engine
-Scratchbuilt intake manifolds
-Scratchbuilt headers 
-Scratchbuilt valley pan
-Competition Resin moon valve covers 
-AMT injector stacks
-Scratchbuilt metering valve
-MAD distributer 
-Detail Master Moon tank
-All chrome is Alclad, no kit chrome remains
-Diamond pleats made from evergreen tile
-Parts box seats
-Scratchbuilt roll bar
-Nail polish finish to simulate metal flake vinyl
-Detail Master lime ignition wire piping
-Scratchbuilt front and rear roll pans
- Wet-n-wild lime nail polish 
- Purple nail polish and Alclad hot metal violet
- Custom cut stencils
- Brushed baremetal foil outline stripping 
- 3 coats of urethane clear coat
- Theater lighting "filter" for window tint
I'm sure there's more.. It's been a long project and I'm glad to wrap it up.  Now the photos!
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Thank you all for the comments!  I'm sure ill have a new build thread soon, or revive an old one.. :rolleyes:

Looks awesome. One minor suggestion- would be a light scuff on the tread of the front tires. Of course I realize that we are talking about resin tires, which completely changes the dynamic of how that is accomplised. Ok, I'll shut up now. Nice build.

Yeah i know about the front tires... I tried, they are just so stinking small... and they are rubber.. its like sanding a rubber band.. It got to an "this is gonna have to do" point.

Wow!! That is SO COOL!!!:wub: You nailed it man!!B) With the short wheelbase, are you going to add wheelie bars?

No wheelie bars... I kind of enjoy the fact that it looks dangerous.  Ive seen a few 1:1 scale cars like this, and its slightly unnerving...I feel this has the same feel.  I purposely only did driver side seat belts, because honestly who would ride in it?   haha:D

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