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Revell 2014 Snap-tite Corvette C7

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Since the snap-tite kit was delayed by about 2 months, I decided not to wait for the "in theory" Sept release of the full(er) detailed kit.  I started to paint it yellow but had some problems so I sanded it down and prepped it with Tamiya Silver leaf.  Then I shot Tamiya Mica Silver as a base coat for the Tamiya TS-50 blue final color.  Model has a few coats of Tamiya TS-13 clear over it.



I got some chipping around the headlight area when I put the covers on, I am hoping I can touch this up with some Tamiya clear blue brush paint.


I am going to use the chrome wheels from the Revell 2006 ZO6 kit along with it's stock brakes since the 2014 kit basically has washers for the brake system.


Tail lights have been detail painted and installed

. 14.jpg

All and all not a bad little kit for a snap together, but watch out for those headlight covers!

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Like the colour.

I've also started on this one and the first thing I did was to cut apart the clear parts so that they would all fit better and that included the clear headlight covers. Everything fits a lot better this way. I also drilled out the plastic tail pipes and replaced them with aluminum tubing (the thought of trying to paint the kit pipes silver gave me a headache even before I tried to do it). I had joped to have it done for a local model meeting in early Oct. but a paint problem of my own causing has set me back.

My only complaint about this kit is why wouldn't Revell put out water slide markings as well as the vinyl ones in a snap kit, especially when it is a first model of a new car. Other then this the model goes together very nicely.

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