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traveling model building supplies?

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What model building supplies and tools do you take along for "on the road"model building?Do you have a traveling tool kit with stuff all neatly secured in a wooden case? Or hands fulll of stuff thrown into an old cigar box held closed with a rubber band?Show us what you grab on your way out the door to keep your projects moving along when you're away from your away from your main workbench.

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The last time I used it "in anger" was 10 years ago. It's a Plano 8600 tackle box that opens like a clam shell on top; two symmetrical sections of small compartments, plus a big open section below. I took it to Afghanistan in 2005. It held a surprising amount of supplies and tools. (There was no quick trip to the local hobby shop over there). I would say that it would hold everything you need for a 1/24~1/25 car project, including spray paint and the car, if packaged carefully.

I did fill it up a couple of months ago for an out of town trip, but ended up not opening it. Inside was a long term project, a 1/12 show rod very heavily influenced by Dan Woods' "Ice Truck". The body of that car is pretty small, even in 1/12.

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The Plano 8600 is long enough for Evergreen strip styrene in the sleeve it's sold in. I had plenty of that, plus a bunch of individual tubes of super glue and my ancient glass bottle of Zip Kicker... And lots of other stuff. I used the strip for improving the interior of a Johan Mercedes, a new reveal on a modified Duesenberg, and rebuilding trim on the vinyl top of a Duesnberg town car.

FYI- Tamiya's empty glass paint jars have a soft plastic gasket that is not affected by MEK, if you use that in scratch building. 

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