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NASA Pete 1/25

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Outstanding! The detailing is amazing!

I agree, those linkage brackets are out of this world.  Also that is the most realistic looking flexpipe I have ever seen other then the real stuff.  

Do you heat your p/e exhaust screens to remove the hardness out of them before rolling them ?

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Hi Jarda, any new updates? :D

Hello, yes I keep on working on this build continuously. Right now I am busy with the AC generator located behind the cab. I will take the pics when all the main parts are ready. Actually, it is almost finished. All there is to do is the box that sits on top of the main body and the belt cover. The back lid is the most complicated structure and it took me most of the time. Thank god it´s finished including the three pulleys.

Sean, I did not have to heat the PE screens because CTM uses very fine material for their sheets and it rolls pretty nice.

I hope to add some pics soon. 

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The past weekend I took part in our model building gethering which takes place twice a year. I took my NASA Pete with me and worked on the generator. I made the belt cover and the cable hanger.

I tried the GSI black surfacer. They say that black is the best underlay for white. I never tried that before. I wonder how it turns out.

It looks like I have all the major parts of tractor ready for painting. Time to start the trailer so that I can paint both vehicles at one time. There is even more guess work than it was on old Pete. So, till then...


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 NASA will be wanting this for a display!

I am really envious of the model build gathering.  Something like that would be great in my part of the world.

We already had nine model build weekends. The next one will be 10th... a little jubilee. Some came with the idea that it should last 10 days. Oh my...  

Anyone else having problems seeing pictures on this thread? I wish I could see them.

I already had complaints about my pics not being displayed on the forum. I do not know  where the problem is. The pics are downloaded from the photobucket. Sometimes I do not see the pictures on my company´s PC (at work) because it is connected to a central company server and some pictures and videos just do not show.

Excellent work and I'm sure NASA would find a place to display your build when finished. 

I doubt that because NASA did not bother to arrange for displaying one of the real units in a museum of transport. They are destined for an auction but without the special equipment. They do not consider them as objects of any historic value. 

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This is excellent!  I'm really enjoying watching the progress on this project.

I was wondering about the black primer and then I realised what you meant by it.  The white plastic is opaque and if you paint it white the light shines through, so you loose all the definition and detail and it looks odd.

Thanks for posting.

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GSI white over GSI black primer. This is how it turned out. I needed three layers of white, in some areas even more. Unfortunately, the color builded up pretty thick in some spots. Some imperfections need repairing.  







The color needs some aging effect. It will be done at one time with the rest of the truck. 


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Thank you guys. I have spent a few weeks working on the hood again. I wasn´t satisfied with the plastic parts, so I tried a brass sheet instead. I wanted a functional butterfly hood and that required piano hinges. I was not sure if the PE hinges and I would get along well. I went even more complicated way and tried to manufacture the hinges of my own. I went along this wonderful tutorial:


My version is made of 0,5 mm brass tube and 0,3 mm wire. First I tried three sections like in the tutorial mentioned above. But it didn´t work very well for me. Not even five. Finally I ended up with like 13. Looking pretty well in scale and working nice the hinge was very fragile too. It was just one careless move of my fingers and the hood dropped to the floor and scattered was the hinge. I gave me a few names and needed a few more days to get it back together again.

The side hinges are not much visible, so I made them tougher. A beer can sheet and 0,5 mm steel wire was the material this time. So much for chattering, let´s see pics.


The hood is fully functional but I didn´t think of one thing. How will I attach all this to the nose and cab? I cut the tiny wire of the central hinge to the length of the hood and there is no reserve for mounting. Maybe it will just sit in its place.



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