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NASA Pete 1/25

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Thank you very much, guys. To make a little change for me I started working on the trailer. I do not know too much about how it works with all the complicated equipment. For now I concentrate on the chassis. It looks like the one on Fruehauf dump trailer. Unfortunately, I have none to spare and take the parts from. So, there it goes again, the scratch building blues. I got me the rough dimensions and cut the sheets and channels. This is how far I got.

There are still a few parts to add to complete the suspension. Also the hubs need some changing. Thanks for looking.

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Man, this is just too cool.....Awesome, awesome work on that hood.....The whole truck is a feat of engineering.....Beautiful.....I can't think of enough words to describe how good this is......Maybe after I pick my jaw up off the floor, I'll have some......WOW !!!!

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Thanks a lot everyone. I keep on working on the trailer. Unfortunately, I don´t have any reference of certain trailer parts. Like the air tanks location. This is just a pure guesswork.

I didn´t have any idea where to get the big tank. I thought of buying the whole tanker kit but then my friend gave up his project and sold me his parts. He actually cut the trailer tank in two pieces and the short one is exactly what I needed. All I had to do was to get rid of some surface details. This is the camparison of the cross section before and after modification.

I had to add the inner lip to the cut off end so that the cap would fit okay.

A few pics of the whole unit.....

That´s the latest progress.

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Hello Jarda, all I have to say is, WOW!! What a build.


This really looks great Jarda. Fine work.

               X's 2           

That is some really fine craftsmanship. This is going to be one great  looking model.



         Be Well




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