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NASA Pete 1/25

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The few free days between Christmas and New Year´s Eve I spent working on the tubing and heat exchangers on the trailer. It is not the exact replica of the system unknown to me. I tried to get as much details from the pictures as I could. Maybe the details on the model are pronounced a little too much compared to the real thing.

Besides that I finished the two work lamps. They are made of milk coloured diodes, but they can´t be turned on. There is no real electricity incorporated in the model. 

I´ve done some more plumbing. Not much but I go towards the finish bit by bit.

Best wishes for the year of 2017.    

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This thing is incredible....Just flippin' incredible.....It's a joy to watch come together.....When I grow up, I hope I can be just as good at this stuff..... :D

I'm with JT that detail is just incredible!! I also hope to be that good at detail a scratch work some day but I'm not holding my breath!?

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Thanks a lot for the kind words, guys. I managed to trace down the main tubing circuits and tried to replicate them on my trailer. The big electric motor drives three horizontal cylinders which I believe are compressors or pumps of some kind. The three vertical cylinders on the RH side of the trailer are probably heat exchangers. Another heat exchanger is the muffler type thing on the tractor. The small metallic tank is probably an expansion vessel. Two pumps powered by the smaller electric motors drive whatever is inside through the circuits.

The tubing is made of aluminium K&S tubes and steel wire. The elbows are made of plastic rod bent above the candle flame. The flexible metal hoses are made of vinyl insulation wrapped in a rolled PE part by CTM. 

There is even more tubing to be done when the big tank is decaled and weathered. Meanwhile, there are some other details that I have to work on. 

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