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MPC Honda 70 trail bike Done !

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Nice to have this kit back again. Just starting to work on it. Plan is to build it up like the 1:1 I have in the garage. Some chrome needs to be stripped and redone. Not fond of the two piece tires but we can make them work.



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reflectd model done
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Hello guys. I have just finished this kit. I must say that this was a pleasure to build. It is a nice little kit that builds up well. I can highly recommend it if you have any interest at all in bikes. I built a simple base for it so it would be more secure. Comments as always are welcome pro or con. Thanks for looking.

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Turned out great Ray. Looks exactly like the one I remember my neighbors across the street having at the time. Man I wanted that bike. Now that I have model, I can kind of have one. The only thing is I love the color blue. Does anybody have a good idea of paint that comes in spray can, that would be very close to the blue that Honda offered on those early Trail 70s?

Also Ray, can we see more pictures of yours. Maybe with the seat up? Or some closeup shots. I'm still confused on two things with this kit. What and where does the one end of the spark plug attach? And where exactly is one suppose to put the decal that goes on the front post? I don't see it on yours. It maybe blocked from view by the front forks?

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