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Routemaster Car Transporter

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Ok, here's a wacky idea; how about a car transporter, made from a Routemaster, or London bus?

Somewhere on my vacation-break I got this awesome idea and started playing with it, I bought another London Bus kit from Revell (I kept the first one to be build stock) and got it yesterday evening. I was all excited at work to start with it, couldn't wait and have now the first 2 hours in it.

It isn't all that difficult if one went the easy route, hop in a ramp, change the back end and done. But I plan to go somewhat further and make it technical possible, so I need to take in account all dimensions, angles, room etc... not cutting corners, at least not too much.

On with some pictures:
The familiar box

The top floor, seems to have enough space for a E-type and a Morgan

This has to be cut, in order to change it into a transporter

Than I realised that the wheel wells? are quite big in the Routemaster, so I mocked-up the bus and see if a sporty granturismo would fit between the roof and the wheels, albeit a bit low, it seems to work out.

A bit more overall picture

And what a great view for people looking at the transporter!

A door in the side is also convenient to get to the storage area, fortunately, there is a door size window on the side and would make a great door. Unfortunately it is too far to the rear, so I will swap the two windows. The door will move one spot to the left.

The ceiling and topfloor are 2 parts, so twice the cutting and now past the point of no return!

A mock up again

This is how far I am going, I calculated the angles the Ferrari could handle and used that as a guide for calculating the ramps angles.
unfortunately, the distance between the rear of the bus and the rear wheels is too short and gets too steep, so I have to think of a solution for that.

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     Really a cool project !  I wonder if you could use a low profile wheel and tire set. And modify the wheels wells, to get a bit more head room.

I will be following this build for sure.



    Be Well


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Thanks guys :)


@Terry; That was kind of the idea, but it has to be periodic correct. Still figuring that out, but not until I have the inside ramp finished.

@Marc; It is an good suggestion, but I have to be realistic and use the original tyres, they have to carry quite a load and small wheels/tires will look off. I think the room is sufficient. After all; it's the sixties, who knew anything about health and safety codes anyway? haha

Being smart this time, I decided to take little steps in building up. so I worked on the upper deck and get that nice and smooth.
[imghttp://www.firerods.com/unfinished/Routemaster CT/slides/rtmct014.jpg

I added some styrene to cover the gaps

And glued the longer strips whilst the bus was somewhat mocked up, I don't have carpenters fingers, so in order for everything to be straight in the end, I thought it was smart to do it this way.

And I keep fitting the 275, it is my benchmark and if this one fits, the smaller british cars will fit too.

Important was some clearance on either side of the Ferrari

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Fantastic idea, I really dig this one.

I don't want to spoil you fun but a guy in the Norwegian IPMS did make a race transporter out of this bus a few years ago.

Here is a picture of the diorama he made at the 2012 IPMS show. He called it "A lord and his lorry"

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       I take your point. As I had not really considered the era of the vehicle. I was thinking more  of an old bus that had been refurbished and purpose built to haul the classic/race cars.

Anyway. I think you have a good handle on the build and I am enjoying the thread!



     Be Well


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Thanks guys again!

@Gaute, a little bit, but not too much. I am planning to make my transporter quite different. So, no biggie.


@Tom; Well, don't forget I am living in Europe, they are quite less expensive. I think I paid around 50 dollars for it.


Time for a huge update, lots of pictures too.

I started with making the ramps on the lower deck inside, these will be fixed ramps.

Added a guide edge to it

I made a new wall/divider for the lower deck, this will divide the car from the small workarea/storage.

Including a door

Dryfitted together

I started with swapping the door and window area on the left side of the bus

The window is now moved one slot to the right and in the remaining hole will come the door.

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Some strutting for the ramp

And the drivers wall got a open space, so he can get into the drivers seat from the work area.

Entrance of the work area from the left side


Fits snugly in the corner.

And from this point down, it was all done yesterday, went we had a modelshow nearby, where I actually do model. So there's about ten hours of work below...
I started with making some storage space for the work area, it has to be cramped ofcourse.

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I also made the swing-ramp for the lower deck, made it a bit trapezium shaped, for easy entrance and for the upper swing-ramp.

A little template for adding the right rear of the bus, getting rid of the big curve, this will add more space for loading.

This will be the upper deck, with the upper swing-ramp in place.

A view simple pieces of PS, but does look nice.

Dryfitting time, looks pretty good to me :)

It really starts to look like something

I added quarter rounds to the upper ramp, makes it look a bit more realistic

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The ambiance I 'had' to work in, not that bad eh ;-)

I put the drivers cabin together, to see how it would relate to the work area and what work has to be done.

After adding a guiding edge to the upper swingramp, the fit got too tight, so I have to adjust that.

At this point I started to make a dryfit of as many bodypanels I could get. To see if everything was still straight and true. But also to see if I made mistakes and how to solve them

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Thanks guys! I enjoy you enjoy it haha. I must say; this kit is so good, that even with serious butchering the kit is still fitting together very nicely. And I must be doing something right this time, since usually my scratch work is always off.

I forgot a few pictures, so as a added bonus for today:

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