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Rough Riders chase truck, Revell Raptor snapper.

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Here it is, finished. It's the Revell Raptor snap kit. I started by bending styrene rod for cage tubing. This was a first for me. I switched out the rims and tires for the ones from the Rubicon kit. The bigger spares are BFG Krawlers, those and the rims are from Fireball. I will be ordering more for my Trophy Truck build. Thanks to those who sent me the fuel cans. The rear lightbar, which is in between the big spares, is cut down from the Rubicon kit. The paint is Duplicolor Dark Ford blue, Duplicolor pure white, and the red is the plastic, cleared with Tamiya clear. The decals are from the Model King F100. I sprayed a coat of Tamiya Smoke over the headlights to tone them down a bit. The FORD on the grille was painted freehand with Model Masters Blue Angels blue, which almost a perfect match to the Ford dark blue. Enough rambling, here are the pics, thanks for lookin.


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Thanks "G".

I just found out yesterday, that the owners som (President of the company) has one of the old Rough Riders race trucks. I talked with him for about an hour about off road racing. Once he gets done updating the truck, I'm gonna go chase for him! He also said when he goes out to prerun (practice) he's gonna let me know so I can ride along. Now that is awesome. I've always wanted to ride along in a race truck with unlimited suspension, well not unlimited, but lots of it.

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Thanks Gator. I really enjoy off road racing. It's a very expensive form of racing, but still fun. Of course it helps I live the desert. Next year, I'm gonna do chasing for my boss at races close to me. I really like doing that. I posted before, my boss bought an old Rough Riders race truck.

This very truck actually. 

I'm really lookin forward to chasing for him.

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