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New Wheels for the Old '40 Ford!

John Goschke

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Hard to believe I finished this model over six years ago! Since then the red wheels have increasingly seemed inappropriate for the time period, 1959 to 1961, and the style of car – a hot rod that's more show car than driver – it turned out to be. So when I recently had a set of wheels an AMT '40 Ford Sedan Delivery plated by Little Motor Kar Co. I knew right where they had to go when they came back all shiny! In the process of changing out the wheels and tires, I resolved another nagging issue with the build – sagging tailpipes – by drilling through the pipe and into the rear corner of the frame so a piece of thin styrene rod could be cemented in to serve as a pipe hangar. Nothing causes the jitters quite like drilling holes in, and changing wheels and tires without removing the suspension from, a completed model!

Anyway, I'm happy with the result! Maybe it needs some angel hair to complete the picture!


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Yeah, I liked the red wheels better too. Then all you need to do is get out your pin striping brush and put a red stripe around the scallops. :P

I agree but it also looks great with the chrome wheels and fits the time frame better.

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Great looking model! I have to agree with Ray, I liked the red wheels also. What kit is this if I may ask?

Thanks, Wayne. This is the AMT kit.

Much more better!

Do you have a contact for the chrome company?

Thanks, James. You can contact Dale Horner's Little Motor Kar Co. at lmkco@outlook.com

Thanks for the comments guys. For fans of the red wheels, I hear you, but chrome seems more appropriate here.

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When you first showed this it, lo those many years ago, it became an instant classic, red wheels and all. It's burned into my brain that way. Absolutely the chromies are by far the more historically appropriate, but... can't shake those red steelies, no matter how hard I try. But I gotta say that's as nice a plating job as I've seen; they stand up to the closeups, no problem! And this version too is a classic - and a period correct one at that!

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I really like the scalloped paint job - you did a great job making each side symmetrical and equally matched. Great job.

The design and shape of the scallops really suit the body shape - in my opinion anyway. Just looks great!

I would be interested in how you transferred the design and what materials you used for the  masking and painting - if you don't mind sharing.



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