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That's not Jungle Pam

Greg Myers

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She's not. If you look carefully, she's walking (perhaps at a fast pace), her left foot is off the ground but the toe of her right foot is still in contact with the ground.

Not sure if that constitutes a touchdown or not. It's under review. We'll have to see what the guys in New York say.

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If someone wanted to make a new "Jungle Jim & Pam" movie, what current actress could play Jungle Pam?


That sir is a GREAT question.... be a difficult one too......

Lets see,

All made up to fit the "skit", I'd take:

Norman Reedus (As Jim)


Lauren Cohan (as Pam)

Both are from currently "The Walking Dead"


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Robert Wuhl of The Hollywood Knights would have made a perfect Jim 20 years ago. Prolly too old now.

For Pam, best I can do offhand (from "mainstream" actresses, anyway) would be Anne Hathaway. If anyone could pull it off, she could.





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I did some research work but still in confuse, guys anyone can show me what did pam do or what did she known for..?

Here ya go.......


Click that, "Jungle Pam" was a "sidekick" to an ole NHRA driver known as Jungle Jim His right name was Russell James "Jim" Liberman. Pam being a girl friend and I think in time became his wife.....

She was known for a few "track-side" things I won't mention here LOL

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