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1984 Ford Transit / Esci / 1:24

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Hello, welcome to my new gallery!

It's my first finished model of 2015, the kit is a 1984 Ford Transit by Esci in 1:24. Quite rare, and nowadays very pricey. I was able to get mine from Kingkit in the UK for about 1/3rd of what they go for on Ebay, and though I had in mind how it should end up even before I had bought it, I had my doubts once I opened the box. But then, chances are slim that you'll see one of these on the next modelshow unlike a VW bus. I know of only five of these built, and this is the only one built like that.

The kit itself is a curbside, the chassis detail is only very rudimentary, and if you'd intend to display the bottom, you'd have to do some serious scratchmods. The interior needs work, and the body is one of the best scale car bodies I have ever seen, and if you spent some time on details (the kit is 33 years old), you'd end up with a fairly correct, very rare model of a very popular* van. 

*These are still holding the record for the most popular getaway vehicles for bankjobs, no kidding.

I decided to super detail the kit to a certain degree. Sometimes the changes were just cosmetic, sometimes, they were necessary. My changes are as follows:

- added visible bolts to the chassis 
- chromed all surfaces under the turnsignals and rear lights
- added 4 screws to each turnsignal
- added screws and modified the grille
- scratch built the lenses of the front lights
- added lugs and valve stems to each wheel
- scratch built mudflaps
- scratch built the hubcaps
- modified the doorhandles
- added door buttons
- drilled out the exhaust 
- added the seat piping
- built the seat posts
- built the rails for the drivers seat
- sculpted the floor mats
- modified the shifter
- built the missing window posts 
- added screws to the numberpaltes
- added headliner
- added levers for light, turnsignals, and wipers
- scratch built the wipers

All in all I managed to add about 182 elements if I count correctly. Here's the link to the workshop section: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/99167-1984-ford-transit-by-esci/?page=1

This is the car I was using for reference:



This is the interior during the construction... I built a fire extinguisher, a jerry can, a tool box, a clipboard with a pencil, a pack of cigarettes, and a bit of junk for the cab...




The toolbox:



And this is all of that with the van wrapped around it:




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