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Mercedes Benz 300SL 'Gullwing"-Kit Selection

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Hello everyone, although I always share my build ups with local modelers via private emails, this is gonna be the first time I share something like this on the web, so, any one here that want to advice me on anything to improve the model or anything you guys think it's not correct, please feel to tell me.

Ok, first of all, this kind of model it's not easy to find except for the 1/25 AMT version. I was so lucky that after mess up an original Heller kit from the 70's, I got another three, the Heller from 1989, the "Prestige" series kit from AMT, and the rare version from Italeri. I think the most complete for the buck it's the AMT, but, to me after finished it looks to me more to a toy than anything else. The Heller version(both are the same, just the art box changes) it's very accurate, but, tooling it's too 70's and some extra work have to be done, specially when you have to glue the two halves that makes the front of the model. For me the Italeri has the most of avantages, starting with the idea that I built the cabrio version last year(some of you guys that went to the 2005 GSL saw it), and it's the same model with the only difference this one has a top and another dash. Also it has more room to any alteration I like to do. The only "dislike" I can mention on this model it's the subject that if it's named 'Gullwing" it's supposed to have gullwing opened style doors, and this one doesn't have them open, but....the makers of this model looks like though on it and engrave wide lines on the body panels and interior detail on doors inside panel were ready for it. So....I picked up the Italeri. I kept the other two versions, the Heller and the AMT, if some one are interesed on them, just tell me and I will sell them.

The AMT "Pretige" Series Kit


The Heller-Humbrol Version


The Italeri Version


Simón Rivera

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